By Noname - Philippines
  Today, I was running late for work so instead of walking the ten minutes to the office, I took a taxi. The driver took the opportunity to share the story of his first sexual experience with a man. In great detail. FML
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By  millycent  |  0

How could he possibly be able to tell you his first sexual experience in the little time it took to get to your office, what was it? 10 mins walking, which makes it not even 5mins to drive? I call bullshit.

By  LittleMissMack  |  0

Aw that sucks, I'm sorry. But I mean you could have done a variety of things to avoid it.

1) put in an ipod
2) call a friend and ignore him
3) ask him to shut up
4) tell him to shut up
5) get out and walk the rest of the way

But, it does still suck. =)

By  wrestler_fml  |  0

You should have told him that your day was bad enough as it is, with you being late... and that he didn't have to make it worse by telling you gay stories.

After you tell him that, then tell him that not only is homosexuality disgusting to you (AND against your religion), but that you haven't told him any "straight" stories of you with women, so you wish he would do the same. Lastly, ask him why gay people whine about being hunted down and oppressed, and then they go out and flaunt their homosexuality to people who have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in hearing it!?!

This may seem angry and over-the-top, but it's true.