By NoToBombs - 07/11/2014 15:51 - United States - Santa Fe

Today, I got a new roommate. I thought he was pretty cool until he mentioned how everything around us was a conspiracy. Then he asked if I knew how to make a bomb. FML
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Every time he says something, look from side to side and whisper "shhh, they might be listening".

Did you say yes?


Did you say yes?

toilet paper tube + one stick of dynamite = boom

#19, You were doing so well. Until 20 came along.

it was a king of the hill reference.

JMichael 25

I feel I would take it too far and really mess with him. I'd tell him the government is covering up what really happened on 9/11. That it was really an alien invasion and a group of super heroes ended up saving the day. See if he's dumb enough to miss the movie reference and believe it.

Make sure he doesn't saw your head off while you sleep

orbit 22

No don't worry, he would make sure op is awake before he starts.

And probably ask how to do it.

Every time he says something, look from side to side and whisper "shhh, they might be listening".

Lol, now THAT would make OP roommate run for the hills!

Run. Leave. Don't turn back.

mikaellikestacos 14

But first call the cops

That sucks, OP. Maybe it'll get better.

Or maybe you'll be dead or worse . Yes worse. Some things are worse then a quick painless death.

Such as a life without bacon.

This comment could technically be used for any FML, but it would still suck for all of them.

Make sure he is taking his medicine. ;-)

DishnobFruitCum 5

If he invites you to a picnic on the roof, don't you dare go.

But the view, it's so lovely from up there.

ask him to google it..

nah you cant google shit like that.. deep web way to go

...or don't tell him anything so he won't try to make a bomb?

tony1891 22

i can see believing everything is a conspiracy... but when someone asks if you know how to make a bomb...yep. Time for a new roommate

The answer is some lye, saturated fat, glycerine, a few other household chemicals a pinch of sawdust ... Wait what ?