Feline stalker

By cat.imakittycat. - 07/04/2015 07:14 - New Zealand - New Plymouth

Today, I was outside with my two new kittens. A woman came rushing over, saying how glad she was that they were outside. She then started complaining that she had only been able to see them through the windows previously. I have no idea who she is or where she lives. FML
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Welp, I guess you found the neighborhood crazy cat lady.

be careful. She might steal them. someone stole my 2 persian kittens

Time to set up some security cameras

Or take the kitties to the vet and get a tracker put in them.

Yes, OP will have to inquire about the Pussy-Finder 2000 model

JMichael 25

What's her creeper level Vegeta? It's over 9,000!!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if her feline obsession led her to become a cat burglar and steal your kittens

Why didn't you ask her "Where do you live"? I always make it a point to know all my neighbours. And I'd especially want to know where that one lived if she was looking into my windows.