By Anonymous - Canada - Halifax
  Today, I finally found out why my husband is always so eager and happy to buy me whatever I am craving during my pregnancy. It's because it gives him an excuse to meet up with his mistress and have a quickie. FML
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  sweetbliss3  |  37

I agree. kick him out. it's one thing to cheat, it's another to cheat while knowing you're having a baby. don't get me wrong I don't condone cheating, it's a douchebag move, but it makes it that much harder when pregnant, or already had a child,being involved. ridiculous.

  chinaski7628  |  32

65-- I am the product of a bitter divorce. One result of that was that my father disappeared from my life. It really sucks growing up knowing that your parents' hatred of each other caused one parent to leave you. Granted, it took me many years to accept that my father was an asshole and it wasn't about me, but no kid should have to be the victim or pawn in a divorce. I understand the desire to cut the father out of the child's life, but if he loves his child and wants to be a part of the child's life, he should be. OP should still dump his ass, but not allowing him in his child's life punishes the child, too. Now, if he has no desire to be a constant presence in his child's life, that's a totally different story.

  jamiescot9  |  7

75- Divorce doesn't cause parents to suddenly become bad parents. Divorce just makes it more obvious who the bad parents are.

Realistically, even if your parents had stayed together your father more likely than not would have still been a terrible parent and you'd be on here talking about how your father didn't love you, didn't want to spend anytime with you, etc.

People may blame divorce for parents no longer having active roles in their children's lives but the problem isn't divorce. The problem is the lousy parent.

  Babymamak  |  3

#65 if he's too busy cheating instead of taking part of his unborn child's mother health and the fun parts of being pregnant then obviously he doesn't care about the child.

  Babymamak  |  3

They cheat and it gets worse. My situation started off with my ex cheating then he graduated to hitting me. So either the parents stay together and things get worse or they separate for the good. In my opinion separating is way better. I no longer have black bruises on my face, nor on my body.


To everyone saying the dad doesn't deserve to be a part of the child's life- Whoa! Way to judge the father. My dad cheated on my mum and they broke up, but I still had and have a very loving father who cares about me. I would even say our relationship is the better for it because being on his own forced him to grow up. Not that I condone cheating at all, it just depends on the individual circumstances whether he will be a good father. Plenty of people with two married parents have a bad mother/father, his chance to be a good parent shouldn't be taken away from him due to issues he had with his wife.

  metalcrazed  |  21

You can't punish him by limiting contact with his kid.
If you do you are punishing the child by not letting him have contact with his dad.
Also he has a legal right to see him.
Custody and visitation shouldn't be used for punishment.