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Sounds like Schadenfreude.

Your situation perfectly illustrates the futility of seeking sympathy from other organisms. Then again, anything in life is futile as well.

Life. Don't talk to me about life.

  MmissyT  |  8

lmaoo everyone in my class hates my teacher she suchh a jerkk soo whn she told us she was havin surgury and was goin 2 b gone 4 4 weeks alotta ppl strted cheerin n stuff n instead of gettin her feelins hurt like A REAL PERSON she jst told us tht she didint evn care...she was serious...shes tha most meanest n retardedest teachr ive evr had...n btw grammer nazi pplz...yeaa imm good at grammer n language arts n stuff i jst dont feel like it now n tha teachr i was tlkinn about is my science teachr which has nuthin 2 do with how i type or tlk n btw betcha none of ya whud feel like correctin alll of myy misspellings...

By  mirakel007  |  1

Thats what we do. We do everything to annoy teachers. At my lit lesson, I throwed my pen 44 times on the ground an my friend sneezed 29 times. Get used to it.

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

Agree with 12 and 36. LOL. 4, you have to proof read!

(Assuming they're all well underage) Op, maybe you should've kept that last detail from them. They're kids and they love the idea of having a substitute take over for a couple of days. Sadly, they couldn't care less what's the reason. Don't hold it against them or take it personally.

  murder_maiden  |  6

Don't be offended OP. Kids will be kids.

#4, perhaps you should stop throwing your pen. With all of the grammatical errors in your statement, it would seem paying a little attention to your instructor could benefit you some.

  iGreen_Day  |  0

No, 5. OP is probably a great professor, but it's just a relief that the lessons will be far less structured and strict when they're not around. OP, YDI for taking it personally. Be professional.