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  lonkite101  |  14

Or just go on a day trip! Pack a lunch, and explore with your family! You could find something new! Or go to the beach, thats always fun! See, you don't have to plan things way in advance to have fun. Enjoy yourself OP!

  doctorhook86  |  24

This manager sounds like the kind the OP should quit and move away from ASAP. As a "pizza guy" he hopefully shouldn't have much difficulty finding someplace else similar to work.


12-Don't mean to sound like a dick, but WE KNOW it's terrible. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen an FML with a happy ending.

Comments like 3's are almost as bad as 'It could've been worse.. *insert some asenine situation*.'


Why did 18 get downvoted? It is completely pointless to make an incoherent comment like 3's. 3 was obviously in a race for number 1 comment because he made a comment that looked like it was shaped out of diarrhea in 15 seconds because it was. I mean theres no need to say sorry, the stories always gonna suck, sense it is on FML.Three, please be more original with your comments, and first comment means nothing.

  A7XCamaro  |  19

43- There really isn't a movie better than Rubber, you do need to make sure and catch the beginning though otherwise it'll just be like "What the hell is going on here?"


I use to have a boss like that when I cleaned my neighbor's house.

Finally I hot pissed and superglued a 10 inch dildo onto the hood of her car. I was fired, obviously, but it was worth it to get my point across. As a bonus, the heat made it harder to get off without screwing up the paint job, so I got to see her pull in her driveway everyday for 2 weeks with a fake purple dick wobbling on her hood.

By  btstig  |  11

1) kick bosses ass.
2) steal bosses wallet.
3) use bosses credit cards for expensive trip to Chuckie Cheese and mall and shit.
4) burn his house down
5) Laugh

  lonkite101  |  14

1) change his will so everything will go to you
2) make him *mysteriously* disappear.
3) take over his job as manager now that he's dead.
4) go on that vacation you wanted!