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  DudeImBetter  |  0

Two week holiday? That's dope that Norway has a two week holiday. It's probably a party holiday too since you came back so exhausted. Sucks that you now have work tho.

  Nena713  |  0

What you two idiots failed to realize is that #27 is talking about the OP has a job that gives a two week holiday break. That's unusual, unless it's vacation time. I have yet to see a company give workers two weeks holiday break. You either take one or two days off for thanksgiving, Christmas, new year, etc. Some jobs you have to pick which holiday you want to take off, because you have to work during one of the holidays.

  octinate  |  17

because of the bank holidays I got the whiole week off for Xmas (I'm in England) but I think he meant two week holiday as in 2 week England and places we call "vacation" a "holiday"

  helloletsgo  |  0

The things most people wish they could do for a living is usually really competitive and stressful to get into or you don't get paid unless you're ridiculously good at it. From my experience anyway.