So you had a bad date…

By Anonymous - 12/11/2021 14:00

Today, I got a wax to be sexy for my date, but the whole area came up in this nasty rash with bumps and white spots, nasty as hell. When I told him sex was off the table for a few days, he stopped being charming, spent most of the night on his phone then left early with a bad excuse. FML
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that would be the last date with him for me. (Unless you just wanted him for a booty call)

For *your* amusement. Not so much hers.


that would be the last date with him for me. (Unless you just wanted him for a booty call)

Even just as a booty call. It doesn't mean he should just use her as a piece of meat and ignore her the second she declines to have sex (which was not even something permanent, she just couldn't do it that day, independently of her own will). Maybe I'm a bit old-fashioned, but I'm of the opinion that you should have at least some respect for the people who handle your genitals and treat them decently. The guy's just a thirsty asshole. OP lost absolutely nothing, and most likely dodged a massive bullet.

I never understand why women cancel sex where their hoo-hahs are on the fritz. They have other holes that can be used for amusement.

For *your* amusement. Not so much hers.

She can hope for payback once her hoo-hah is ready for action.

Most men can barely handle the main hole adequately. She'll never get fair compensation

Are you planning to let her peg you?

well least you you know he not worth being with.

I agree he's a complete jerk for reacting that way but on the other hand, I'll never understand why women wait for the d-day to wax. We all know it will provoke some skin reaction so at least the day before is a minimum. It won't grow back in 24/48hrs.

wysegirl 21

So you found out he was a prick. Better for you now you can find a real man instead of a tool.

(1) It’s not a good idea to have any procedure done right before a date or important event that could result in massive irritation like this. If you didn’t realize this was a possibility, at least you do now. By the way an electric groomer is the safest way to remove pubic hair without irritation. It doesn’t get as close or smooth as waxing or a razor with blade(s) but it isn’t prone to irritation. (2) You wouldn’t have waxed your pubes for a date if you hadn’t anticipated “showing them off” to your date if all went well. You had this expectation, and your date was obviously hoping the same way. When you told your date that sex was off the menu for the night that killed any hope he might have had. While sex on a first date is usually improbable in the first place, you completely ruled out that possibility by stating that. Unless you are either very young or very old the hope for a sexual relationship is usually part of the basic dynamic in dating - Taking that off the table right up front kind of kills the process. So it’s not too surprising things turned out the way they did.