By lalararara - 04/03/2010 15:48 - United States

Today, I got a 95 on my term project. To congratulate me, my boyfriend said we're having sex tonight. I only get laid if I get good grades. FML
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I would get straight a's if that was my reward.


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least your getting laid right? so what's the problem?? cuz I don't see a problem haha

FYL for not gergen laid that often. YDI for probably being un-acttractive otherwise you'd be getting laid everyday!

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That's called positive reinforcement. What a awesome guy you have. Now you'll work hard to continue to get good grades.

YDI for going to school. go back to the kitchen and make your boyfriend a sandwich

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look on the bright side atleast you have motavation to work hard in school

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heyyy?? so wat. it think thats cute:)) later u shud be like "bby. we shud do this more often" if u want

good way of motivation! boyfriend win.

Baby do you want to have sex tonight? YES!!! then finish your homework!

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Now what about extra credit?

what will happen if you get 100%??? 

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I'd be gettin all A's and B's then!!!!!

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well it makes for good motivation lol

o no! your going to get laid oooooooohhhhhhh

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r u sure ur boyfriend isnt ur dad?

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@43 why can't all girls be like you?

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your bf must love you a lot! :)

that's some motivation for you. ahaha jk fyl though.

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lol I love how 112 makes sure to be as much of an asshole as possible about correcting and then suddenly starts flirting ah fml comments make me laugh, but also feel kind of sad

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haha "mfmylifesrsly"... your right. your the coolest

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I'm thinking boyfriend=DAD!?!?!? Incest is not the right way to go to hell.

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well then you can get with me beauty

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anal? threesome with teacher?

I agree with 27! positive reinforcement FTW

my boyfriend has seriously said that before,

haha, thatll motivate you to get good grades.

58 - moTIvation to do well in school is probably something you need so you can learn how to spell properly. Ha! In your face!

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feeling like a douchebag now, aren'tt you?

Or he just wants to leech off her success :)

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not racism you dumb prick, it's a sterotype.

I was kidding. Not everyone on FML is from the South ( see I did it again!).

maybe he only has sex with her after she gets good grades as a form of osmosis. he wants her smarts to rub off on himmm.

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wow 102, osmosis only happens with water. i think you want diffusion, read a book first. btw youre hella cute^^

computer:$400 internet connection: $50 the shit that happens on this site: priceless

ooops. haha, yeahhh i just sounded like the dumbest fml user ever with my mis useage of osmosis but hey! you get the point. (:

lol osmosis, just learned that in bio last week, I love using puns , I give u props on that one :D

I would get straight a's if that was my reward.

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hahaha i get rewarded w sex just for passing

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^ this guy doesn't get good grades AND doesn't get laid, so don't feel so bad OP.

Okay, this isn't really an FML, you will get laid no matter what. Most of the time when we say stuff like that to our girlfriends, it's just because we are trying to be sexy and turn you on. And.. well, shit, it beats a damn lollipop. hahaha.

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yeah, it's actually cute of him. he just wants what's best for you!!...and sex :)

wanna explain why the fml is ? your getting laid , and got a 95percent... ?

the fml part is that she doesn't get laid unless she gets good grades. she's being treated like a child.....

YouTou must have had a very strange childhood if you think giving sexual favors for getting good grades is something that happens to children, mustafa.

OMFG ... Brave New World allusion... infinate win ^^^^^

oh fail nvm... that someones sn, got all happy for naught

ballistic 2

what kind of advise is that? I would sock a bitch in her face if she teethed my shit.. u must not get yours sucked too much huh

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hey, you're not hard. you think you're so bad ass, cuz your username is mattpopspills? **** u pills are gay weed all the way.