By rippedoff - 04/03/2010 14:09 - Australia

Today, I found out that the man who sold me my car 6 months ago lied about it being "recently serviced" and "in excellent condition". It actually hasn't been serviced in years, and fixing all its problems is going to cost me $900 more than what I paid for the car. FML
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That's why you always ask if you can have a mechanic look it over for you before you buy it. I'm completely ignorant about cars, and even I know that much.

rule #1 about buying used cars, ALWAYS ALWAYS have AT LEAST 2 different mechanics inspect it before you buy it! and NEVER use the guy the car owner suggests because they could have worked something out with them in advance


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u got scammed your a dumbass?

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u got scammed your a dumbass?

you shouldve asked to see the CarFax! what were you thinking?

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omg she needs to stay in the kitchen and make her husban a sammich

ydi for believing a recently serviced car in excellent condition would be sold for less than $900 psh.

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it means that the costs to repair the car were $900 more than the cost to buy the car. that dosnt mean that the car cost less than $900

let me guess. you're a woman?

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you fell for the carfox fool

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"here's the carfox!" "no, I was asking for the carfax." "...same difference"

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LEMON. that is all.

due to the breach of good faith in selling you the car and promising that the car was in good shape, the contract you made with him has been breached. you could take him to court(small claims for less than $5000) and any judge would rule on your behalf

sue for fails advertising

yeah everyone knows you INSPECT the car first

to number 18- just thought of that myself

The lemon law does not apply here. The Lemon law only applies to new (not preowned) vehicles purchased from a certified dealership, and the same problem has to appear, be fixed, and appear again a total of three times. Used vehicles are NOT included in the lemon law. Also, if this was a pre-owned vehicle, which I'm assuming it is, then you have absolutely NO case in any court. Not small claims court, not large claims court, not ANY court. If you are as gullible as you sound, you probably signed a contract that stated you had a chance to either test drive the vehicle or have it inspected and you found no issues with the car, therefore you will not hold the seller responsible for any issues from that point on. If you do go after anyone, try the mechanic that went with you to look at the vehicle. Although I'm sure he has some form to cover his ass as well. I have to agree with someone elses post that if you've had it for 6 months, chances are the problems did not exist when you bought it, they started after you bought it. And I'm sorry, but used car dealers cannot "hide mechanical issues". No one can really "HIDE" an issue. They can do a crappy job of fixing it and it possibly tear up again soon after having it repaired, but no one can HIDE something that's broken. It sounds to me like you don't want to admit that you haven't taken proper care of the vehicle, or you can't admit you bought a crappy brand. You might have been overcharged for a used vehicle, but it's not the dealer's fault. And you probably do have CARFAX in austrailia. Seeing how it's a website where you enter a vehicle's VIN and get the report for that vehicle, if you have internet access you should be able to get to carfax. I work on a car lot, and we have had vehicle's from overseas, and their VIN pulled their reports. Sounds to me like someone doesn't want to take responsibility for the actions, or lack thereof.

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what ever happened to "show me the carfax"

sue his lying ass!

Here we go, You* You're*

That's why you always ask if you can have a mechanic look it over for you before you buy it. I'm completely ignorant about cars, and even I know that much.

sue his 

number 2 is totally right! I have gotten a few used cares in my day and the one thing I always do is have a mechanic look at it. the sales person says nope then move on. I hope you've learned from this experience. good luck op

Get the law involved ? You were obviously sold something bad, and the seller misrepresented the car completely.

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There's no way OP could prove the car wasn't serviced (it would be up to her to prove it wasn't, not up to him to prove it was) and she couldn't prove any problems when she bought the car since she's had it 6 months.

They have service records for the cars. thats like law or something.

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Actually this is fraud which has nothing to do with warranties. Course the OP is from Australia so I don't know what legal options she has since I don't know the Australian legal system.

this isn't fraud. any car that is less than $900 is a piece of shit anyways. it could have been serviced every night (like your mom) but a piece of shit is still a piece of shit. if the car lasted 6 months, you got your money's worth out of it.

op didn't say it cost 900$ which is more than what he paid. op said that the cost of repair was 900$ more than the cost of the car. if the car was bought for, let's say 1500$ then the repairs cost 2400$.

rule #1 about buying used cars, ALWAYS ALWAYS have AT LEAST 2 different mechanics inspect it before you buy it! and NEVER use the guy the car owner suggests because they could have worked something out with them in advance

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There's more to checking a car then looking at the fluids. You can't tell the alternator is shot just be looking at the fluids.

Holy crap, no way!!!!!! Someone lied to you about a used car you wanted to purchase??!!!?!?!?!??!!

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You could quite easily take that to court and win, clear misrep of the car's condition if there's nothing else to this. If I were you, I'd see how much a lawyer's letter would cost. Could end up being cheaper than getting it fixed.

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Its called Carfax...use it. It not only tells about accidents but it reports the service history. I have yetto purchase a car that came without one.

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Carfax isn't what it's cracked up to be, yeah it will show the history if brought to a reputable mechanic; however, that's not always the case. It could have been wrecked and then "fixed" by a halfass mechanic who did a halfass job and it would never be on the carfax and you would never know. And the previous owner could have did all the servicing himself and didn't do a good job.

Scoli85: It's actually "Carfax" and it's a service that provides a vehicle history report on an individual automobile in question.

Agreed with Xundria. My dad does most of the repairs/tune-ups at home on any cars my family owns. None of those would be on record. #37: I think it was a joke referring to the commercial where the guy has a fox puppet to replace getting them the carfax, lol.

Wow, derangedfox. That joke went right over your head.

Ah, I didn't see that commercial. Pardon my ignorance then.

Wow, pleasenopuffin, sorry I don't watch a ton of television.

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i lol'd :D

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"Buy the car! you'll love it!" -car fox

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Is Carfax available in Australia?

Here's a word for thought when dealing with used car dealers: Carfax But seriously, if he lied to you, you could take his ass to court.

don't fix it! I have a better car for sell, that isn't broke....it runs great I promise. just mail me 1 grand and I'll send it to you

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lmao @11 xD who wants to bet OP actually messages this guy for a mailing address?! bahahaha!!

that's what you get for buying such a cheap car from some guy