By zaneey - 17/01/2009 18:41 - Australia

Today, I decided to quit smoking and put on a nicotine patch. I decided to have one last cigarette and ended up sick at the doctors with nicotine poisoning. FML
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That's why you shouldent smoke. YDI

What have we learned?


This is why I'm gay.

He puts a [beep!] in his mouth in place of smokes.

Ok dude, Gotta give ya this one... You Deserved It...seriously?! I'm sorry but that was kinda stupid...

why do you type like this what the fuck my brain hurts

That's why you shouldent smoke. YDI

that's why you should go back to school. even your name is spelt arseways.

Says the person who spelled 'fairy' wrong.

30- (S)he might have been trying to spell "fairies" but it got cut off.

well that whats ur stupid ass for not having self control

i smoked on the patch before and never got sick

YDI for being a smoker. The nicotine must have gone to your head if you can't read the freakin box.

What have we learned?

Who smokes?!?!?