By zaneey - 17/01/2009 18:41 - Australia

Today, I decided to quit smoking and put on a nicotine patch. I decided to have one last cigarette and ended up sick at the doctors with nicotine poisoning. FML
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Applesause1223 0

That's why you shouldent smoke. YDI

What have we learned?


This is why I'm gay.

walshboy 0


T9FTW 20

He puts a [beep!] in his mouth in place of smokes.

LiveLoveLife_fml 0

Ok dude, Gotta give ya this one... You Deserved It...seriously?! I'm sorry but that was kinda stupid...

badluckalex 23

why do you type like this what the **** my brain hurts

Applesause1223 0

That's why you shouldent smoke. YDI

that's why you should go back to school. even your name is spelt arseways.

YoYoYo20_21_22 2

Says the person who spelled 'fairy' wrong.

30- (S)he might have been trying to spell "fairies" but it got cut off.

atruprince17 0

well that whats ur stupid ass for not having self control

rokkdizzie 0

i smoked on the patch before and never got sick

happygoluckyhh 0

YDI for being a smoker. The nicotine must have gone to your head if you can't read the freakin box.

What have we learned?

redcherries90 0

ur a dumbass.

NaziZombie 0

Who smokes?!?!?