By Anonymous - United States
Today, I'm going cold turkey with my drinking and smoking habits. I'm so irritable, I seriously considered running down an old lady who was taking her damn sweet time crossing the road, then shooting the guy in the car behind me for honking at me like I was holding everyone up. FML
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  ptoka  |  20

And traffic, avoid traffic... You know what, just stay inside and enjoy a nice root beer and some candy cigarettes until the tension goes down.

  tantanpanda  |  26

I think the latter is perfectly fine to feel in the FML. There are times when I want to snipe somebody's tires because they're doing something extremely stupid or really pissing me off.

By  Waxwell  |  21

I've heard s few tips on making things easier. Go to the sauna (sweat out the nicotine and other things, bring water!), eat more fruits and vegetables, take some vitamins, and, most importantly, stay away from them. They say that after three days it gets a lot easier. Hang in there, OP.