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Today, I gave my wife of four years a special anniversary gift: a red rose dipped in liquid gold so that she would cherish and admire it forever. She told me it was too "Italian" looking. I now have a hundred dollar rose sitting in my office. FML
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No offense, but your wife is an ignorant bitch.

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aww. I'm sorry. that sucks. What does too "Italian" mean? whats wrong with italian looking things?


boatkicker 4

aww. I'm sorry. that sucks. What does too "Italian" mean? whats wrong with italian looking things?

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Well, OP, if it makes you feel any better, when I read that I sighed. I think that's a terribly romantic and sweet gift, and not to mention beautiful and thoughtful. I cannot STAND unoriginal, cliche "romance" gifts, especially flowers, but that...that just sounds so gorgeous! I would love that. Anyone who gave me a gift like that...well. Let's just say I would never let go to the rose or the person. As for your wife...if she doesn't see the beauty in your gift, then she can go **** herself.

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No joke! And I'm still lost on the whole Italian looking thing. My Grandpa got my Grandma one a few years ago, and I'm IN LOOOOVE with it!! I want one sooo bad! They are GORGEOUS! I'd so take it! And OP, you are probably one of the most thoughtful husbands on earth. She should be very grateful for snatching you up.

I agree, what the heck is 'too Italian?'

Something else that people who thought this was a good idea could look into is hand carved wooden flowers.. there was 2 online distributors when I did that a few years back, there maybe more now. You can do a dozen long stemmed hand carved roses for under 100 bucks.

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too "Italian"?? what does that mean?!?! but I think that what you did was so sweet and your wife should be grateful she has a husband like you.

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absolutely agree...that is by far the most unique and special gift idea ive come across and the sentiment behind it is so sweet and sorry ur wife didnt apprreciate such an amazing gesture from u

nowadays people associate italian with jersey shore and shit so maybe

screw what she thinks I would have smacked her

Today, my husband got me a golden rose. It's too damn Italian looking. FML

Does she mean too classy and stylish for her??? You deserve for marrying her. On the plus side she’s probably happy if you bring her to some chavvy bbq chains for dinner

No offense, but your wife is an ignorant bitch.

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How so? OP- if you wouldn't want to "admire and cherish it forever" in your office, why would she? If the roles were reversed here, the comments would be spamming the OP for buying a useless, stupid gift that the recipient doesn't want.

# 25; If you don't comperehend that males and females appreciate different things, there's no hope for you.

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#25: Who wants to "admire and cherish" a gift they got for themselves? lol. your logic is failing.

Useless, yes, because it's a gold-dipped flower, a simple decoration... but stupid? Stupidly sweet is more like it. Aren't most lovey-dovey guys like that? If it's "too Italian" for her, she shouldn't have married him, because obviously... he is a lovey-dovey guy.

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I am a woman. What is your point? I comprehend that every individual likes different things, regardless of their gender. But if someone is going to be buying gifts on the basis of sentimentality then they should begin with an item that means something in the first place, rather than a fancy looking bauble that the manufacturer decided is universally sentimental to every person who purchases it. I don't find sweetness in that.

Well, if you climb down off your high horse and think for a moment.... Obviously she doesn't like romantic cheesy things (if it's "too Italian"), but he had to have some reason to think it would be special to her. Maybe he had a reason to think it would be sentimental? For example, maybe she loves roses, or has a rose bush she cares dearly for? Maybe she loves flowers in general, or decorating the house with flowers? Maybe he WAS just being a hopeless romantic, because he is hopelessly romantically attracted to her? Is there actually something wrong with really wanting to give someone something? Because if that's true I may just throw away that pearl necklace my grandmother gave me, obviously she's a superficial bitch for thinking that was a special present for my graduation.... :c It's about the guy trying to be sweet, not the stupid merchant getting rich off of gullibles.

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That's not what I'm saying at all. If there is some sentimental reason behind the gift, such as a particular love for roses or something, that's a different story. Judging from the information given and the wife's reaction though, that's not the case. Pearls are actually a traditional gift associated with young women reaching maturity, so I think that gift is actually really special. If you applied that to this situation, red roses are associated with love and passion. Gold is associated with wealth, vanity and luxury. Gold dipped red roses are not associated with any meaningful tradition. I would rather receive a single red rose than one dipped in gold. These are just my opinions. My original point was simply that, barring any specific personal associations, the gift was impersonal and simply because she is female she shouldn't be expected to admire and cherish it just because it was expensive and "romantic". Appreciate, yes. Admire and cherish, no.

OH MY GOD. Both of you. Why are you arguing over this? Neither one of you knows the context of this situation so what the hell is the point? You can't win this unless the OP says "Oh yes, come to mention it, the reason I bought my wife the rose WAS because she has a rose bush she dearly cares for!"

Ah, all right then... but she didn't seem to appreciate it either, and that's where the FML lies. ... Personally, even though I do find it a sweet gift... I'd probably place it somewhere and forget about it, ahahaha.

Hey, this "argument" is a lot better than the "which country is better" debate going on in that other FML lol

no, she just has good taste. or at least NOT horribly cheap taste. come on, a red rose dipped in liquid gold? that's so incredibly trashy.

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Obviously #25 hasn't gotten or received a gift before. How would you like it if you got someone a present, and end up having to keep it? Please note: THE GIFT WAS FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Not for himself. Just because they're married doesn't mean that he likes everything she likes. He could've gotten her the gift, thinking that she would like it. When you buy someone a gift, you get them something THEY would like. You don't buy someone else something that you would like. Example; You wouldn't buy a grown man a Tiffany bracelet on his birthday.

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That's exactly my point, genius. What the OP thought was romantic was obviously not what his wife thought was romantic. If she should still be grateful, then a guy who receives a Tiffany bracelet for his birthday should be grateful. And yes, I have received plenty of gifts in my life, thank you.

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Oh okay. I guess that kinda makes sense.

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#25 Even if you think the gift is the most hideous thing you have ever seen, it should be accepted graciously (unless the gift happens happens to be a pile of crap or something). She have just taken it, thanked him, and then left it on some random table in the house. I don't know if this woman is "an ignorant bitch" but she sure is spoiled and/or really rude.

@100: Actually, my definition of something "trashy" and "cheap" would be the five dollar fake and gaudy jewelry in Walmart. You know, with the giant stones? The rose is cheesy, not trashy.

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And not very cheap either considering its a "hundred dollar rose"

Yeah OP ur wife is a racist bitch. It's fine if she doesn't like a gift u got her but damn.

#75: I feel it necessary to point out that there are other interpretations of the gift. Using yours: Red roses= Love and passion Gold= Wealth, vanity and luxury HOWEVER. Gold-dipped roses are a different matter. The rose may still symbolise love and passion, but I don't think the gold continues to signify what you think it does. The point is that the gold is preserving the flower (or at least the shape of it), thereby signifying 'eternal love'. As the OP said, and I quote, "cherish and admire it forever." The key word is forever; the golden rose is meant to signify neverending love... Or rather, that's my opinion. I'm not forcing them on you, but I felt it necessary to point out that there are other ways to interpret the gift.

because what 25 said makes so much sense he or she probably understands women well enough to be one?

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Lmmmr, you are a bitch. You are an annoying, feminist bitch. Get off your ******* feminist high horse, bitch.

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While I agree Lmmmr is taking things all wrong, nothing that she said has anything to do with feminism.

gold dipped rose=cheap? I don't think so

I'd Definitely not get her anything next year

You'd have to be an idiot to turn down such an awesome gift!

Depends on the girl. Some think mushy love letters are the greatest thing ever, others find them ridiculous. Likewise, girls that love being given flowers would probably be thrilled with a golden one.

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I think love letters are awesome, and I love getting flowers, but I think a gold dipped one is ridiculously cheesy.

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I don't particularly like getting flowers, or at least, I would rather get something else. A love letter or chocolate or something. But If I was given a gold dipped flower I'd feel very special. Although the fact I don't like getting flowers could be bitterness. Only been given flowers twice, and one of those was because my dad's date stood him up and he didn't know what else to do with them (Hey at least he's honest. lol)

Cheesy or not, it's the thought that counts. He spent a large amount of money on something he thought she'd really appreciate, and apparently she doesn't appreciate it at all, not even thought, and apparently won't take it... even though it's her anniversary gift. I mean, not keeping such gifts from relatives is one thing, but from your spouse, especially something like that? That's just cold.

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DameGreyWulf you seem to be everywhere that I am. lol. so either you're everywhere entirely or we have similar taste in FMLs. lol. Either way, I agree with this post that you made.

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Why should the amount of money that he spends be relevant? I would rather receive something that my boyfriend got for free, that is actually related to me or our relationship or actually carries some sentimental value that wasn't sold to him by a manufacturer, than a silly mass produced piece of expensive metal.

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See the key in that phrase was "on something he thought she would appreciate" not "spent a lot of money on" The point was, OP bought something for his wife that he thought she would like. She didn't like it which sucks for him because he thought it was special AND he is out $100 on top of that.

The price matters only in that he spent the money on something he thought she'd want, not that he thought that spending a large amount of money was what mattered. That is what I meant, that she should appreciate that he spent a pretty penny trying to get something he thought she'd like. I'd spend endless amounts of money on my sweety if I thought they'd like what I was buying. And you're sounding really... jee, I don't know the word. "**** THE SYSTEM" seems to fit. [edit] AH YAH BEAT ME BOATKICKER... guess we really are alike lol

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I agree with you that she should appreciate the gesture. Just not the item. I am not against any systems, I just prefer gifts that are personal and think it's silly that an earlier poster suggested that girls who like flowers and love letters should like this.

When I mentioned the two of them (letters and flowers) I didn't mean that girls that would like one would like both, or any such thing; just that girls who like being given flowers would like being given a golden flower. Obviously you're one of the exceptions. (Personally I don't think I'd ever buy my g/f a golden flower, and she loves roses. It just seems like tarnishing the rose. Also, my g/f in particular would probably like a hand-made rose even more than a real one.)

#106 I guess that I'm also one of the exceptions to your little rule you just made up. I love receiving love letters and flowers, but a flower dipped in gold I find absolutely tacky (sorry to all of you who don't share my opinion on this). What I find even MORE tacky though, is the way that the writer's wife treated him when he gave her the gift. I do agree that she should have been more graceful in receiving this gift and kept her mouth shut if she didn't like it, because it is obvious that this guy really cares about her and put a lot of thought into their anniversary gift. I wish my boyfriend of 8 years put ANY thought into our anniversary. If he were to give me a flower dipped in gold I would really appreciate it, and definitely keep it (although secretly I wouldn't like the flower itself).

Immmmr is pissing me off. go get back in the kitchen.

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wtf? not picking up what your wife is putting down. does she secretly hate italians...?

I'm Italian.... Un oggetto in oro rosa e un bel presente. :)

You should have said this when you gave the flower to her: Un fiore d'oro per una ragazza d'oro?

Italian is such a pretty language. Random, bahah.


Io parlo italiano e italino e` molto benenisimo lingua ma lei(ops wife) e` molto brutto puta

i love italians, i went to italy over spring break this year. best week of my life but i dont get why the wife's such a bitchh

That's actually a sweet sounding present.

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I agree. I would love a rose covered in gold. And encrusted with diamonds.

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Give it to her again and say it's chocolate. Ouch!

Wow. Your wife sounds like a bitch. If a guy did something like that for me, I'd think it was the sweetest gift ever.