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Kill them with fire

Ant that the worst! Don't let it bug you too much.


Kill them with fire

Bro, they're already fire ants

Ant that the worst! Don't let it bug you too much.

Don't get mad get Glad!

Could be worse. For instance, it could be a bunch of spiders.

That you had almost swallowed.

Or hundreds of baby centipedes....Oh..god.

Hi, I'd like to leave the planet please. Yes this happened after you suggested that


Apparently your trash is infested with red ants. Spiders would keep your home biter-free.

5- Do you often find yourself eating your trash?

But spiders bite

#33 - #5 was trying to tie into a previous FML...

Reading that left me *puts on sunglasses* splitting at the sides

I want to hate you, but I can't.

**All you need is love**

Shut the fuck up

Spray them with a hose and then get shrunken down by them to only realize how hard the work. WHOOP ANT BULLYYYYYYY

What are you smoking?

Jeez, how long had you left it there?

Nuke the neighborhood, you might be safe then.

Next time you should double bag! :P

I read that last part as douche bag...

Vacuum time.

Time to get a new house!