By Anonymous / Tuesday 8 December 2009 20:18 / United States
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By  starshine3987  |  0

If that's true report that place to the health inspector. However I have a hard time believing this one. Normally cockroaches hate the cold, which is why they live in the south and not the north. I see you're from Florida so at least you have them where you live so that part is believable. But a cockroach climbing into some ice cream? Or even being in a cold environment where ice cream is stored and falling into it? Not so much. I call a fake.

  Dieromantic85  |  0

Better get your facts straight. Places like DQ or 31 flavours can attract all sorts of bugs...especially ROACHES. I live in the midwest. I've even seen roaches in Wisconsin. SO don't assume they do not exist in the north bitch.

If this is true...get yourself a good lawyer.

  starshine3987  |  0

Yes, places with cold food can attract bugs but they are usually attracted to the sweet toppings that go with the ice cream or the other food that is there. Dairy queen doesn't just sell ice cream. I worked at Chick-fil-a when I was younger and we had to deal with keeping bugs out of the kitchen and the area we kept ice cream toppings but we never had to worry about them trying to get into the cold ice cream machine and definitely not in the freezer.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

Guys, the bugs are NOT trying to get into the ice-cream or the freezer.

But all ice-cream starts as sweet gooey thing before it's actually churned and get cold etc.
The roach probably fell in the mixture at that stage (when it was sweet, soft and gooey, and far from the freezer still), died and froze in the yogurt afterwards.

It's simple!!

  starshine3987  |  0

And I have two words for you: artificial environment. Clearly you haven't read any of my other posts, but I'll spell it out to you again nonetheless. New York is a forest of heated buildings (i.e. environments that don't get cold during the winter) filled with people who have tons of food and create tons of trash. New York is an exception to the rest of the region in terms of what species of animals flourish there.

Go be uninformed about biology and the environmental effects of large cities somewhere else.

  starshine3987  |  0

(reply to #54) No, since New York is a city with a lot of trade from other regions roaches were probably brought there on freight from other areas. Kind of like how in the middle ages rats were brought to Europe from Asia on trade ships which then caused the bubonic plague. Anytime a place has a large population it's going to take in a lot of trade with other areas and when that happens species of insects from those areas are just one of many things that will be unintentionally going to be brought there.

  null_fml  |  11

Dudes... you're totally focusing on the wrong part of her post, there. The living in the north or south part was just an example; the main point was that they don't like the cold. Which they don't. It's just a matter of fact.

She didn't even say how far north or south. There sure as hell aren't any at the North Pole. So you're debating a relative term as though it were absolute? Doesn't work.

Cockroaches can live indoors pretty much anywhere, but that's an artificial environment. In a cold enough climate, they will not survive outdoors. They are not native to the northern U.S. or Canada, end of story.

  andyyroxx  |  20

#110- I live in Canada too, (high five!) and have only ever seen like three in my life. One was buried deep in a sand pit at a park, the other two were in my friend's basement.

By  starshine3987  |  0

Ummm no they're not. Look it up. I used to live in Mississippi where it's hot as hell and they were everywhere. Now I live in the mountains in western NC where it's cold and we rarely have them if ever. I might have seen two or three in the ten years I've lived here.

Btw #9 super classy of you to call someone you don't know a bitch because you think they are mistaken.

  starshine3987  |  0

Because restaurants and office buildings are large non-natural environments where there is lots of warmth even during the winter. Plus big cities have lots of trash so that's a lot of stuff for them to feed off of. Cities and any civilization in general create environments that otherwise wouldn't exist and then draw in animals that can survive there that otherwise wouldn't.


Today, I entered a painting I'd worked on for weeks into an art competition. I won nothing. I wouldn't care so much if the guy I lost out to hadn't submitted a blank canvas and called it a "conceptual piece". FML

By thekyledavid - / Wednesday 5 August 2015 16:47 / United Kingdom - Oxford

Today, while installing a deadbolt on my closet, I did it wrong. It closed but wouldn't lock so I had to re-install it. Sitting on the floor of my closet, I shut it to make sure it was installed correctly. I locked myself in for twenty minutes, home alone, before kicking the door down. FML

By erin3809483 - / Saturday 23 May 2009 00:12 / United States
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