By Heethersays - / Friday 3 July 2009 03:06 / United States
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  gp_gangsta  |  0

wether your a beginner or an expert/professional weight trainer knobs to adjust seats can still get jammed or stuck so u cant judge the op just bcuz of a he couldnt move the knob

  king_jeff  |  0

but he said the worker helped him.. He might have mentioned if it was stuck or something. But really if your too weak to move one of those then you really shouldnt eeven be strong enough to lift your arms. YDI for not just living in a wheelchair

By  divineinstrument  |  2

Don't worry- it might have been jammed or something? Or you might not have been doing it right. I really think there was something else, because no one is that weak that they can't adjust the seat settings. So, don't worry, chances are you are not pathetically weak.

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