Adding insult to injury

By robinhoood - 20/04/2009 05:53 - United States

Today, I got T-boned by a woman going 60 mph. I was unconscious for hours, while a tube was inserted into my collapsed lung. Upon waking up, my 16-year old brother thought it would be hilarious to yank out my leg hairs. FML
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friedkabob1225 0

i love how the fml is your brother pulling out your leg hairs not the fact that you almost died

0mggirl 0

that sucks, i had a collapsed lung this summer and it's horrible. good luck.


0mggirl 0

that sucks, i had a collapsed lung this summer and it's horrible. good luck.

Thabb 0

This is the highest ratio of FML to YDI I've ever seen! nearly 60:1!

kick him in da nuts! that should teach him..

mine collapsed 3 times last December, I was in the hospital for 12 days. I was awake for my chest tube ._. and the doctor stabbed me in the lung with it to see if it was blocked

DownUndah 0

YES! awesome brother!!! I hope he did only one leg so it almost forces you to shave the other.

jaeda_nicole 0

What the actual ****? Why would you even say that?!!!!!

Upon imagining the thought, it actually is hilarious. But yeah, you're life sucks.

Narelon 12

awww.... sounds like my brother! he was just showing you he was glad that you were awake! (yeah, i know. i dont take too kindly to his way of showing affection either)

FreakingFYou 13

I know right? what the he'll man?

WTF? would you think it would be funny if you got in a car accident, had a tube put into you, and have someone make you scream and move while said tube was in your body? Twisted people like you should be locked up.

Ha ha ha ha ha.. Brothers. Probably his sad way of dealing with the thought of losing you. I would've shaved your eyebrows.

i_like_chicks 0

you should stab him in the neck. i bet he'd get a KICK out of that!

Today, I hit some guy going 60 almost killing him. FML

I hope you are using your time in hospital to plot suitable revenge. Good luck on your recovery.