By flatfoot - 09/08/2012 19:33 - Canada - Hamilton

Today, I discovered the crunching noise your foot will make if you accidentally drop a cement block on it. FML
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I always hate when they add that noise in movies! GROSS! Feel better OP!

kroekdog 7

Walk it off


I always hate when they add that noise in movies! GROSS! Feel better OP!

Lindahhxd 7

At least you didn't completely lose a foot!

JKr3slEMO 5

Just the thought of completely losing my foot scares the crap out of me..

Sawarski 13

Well then you would walk around like a pirate with a wooden leg.

I cringed reading this. Just the thought of crushing your foot like play dough makes me gag a bit.

Haha I got a picture in my head :/

I don't know about you guys, but I cringed much more on the dick breaking FML.

13, please don't think that they don't make plastic prosthetics, they do. My grandma has one from 6" below her knee, and can LITERALLY kick anyone's ass from across the room. We laugh and poke fun, but it is a serious matter. They also make just the foot&ankle.

Teabubbles 8

81, i hope you realize 13 was just joking...

luckily it wasnt a piano or something bigger!

Naomimi_fml 6

Bigger ≠ heavier

Yeah, good thing it was only, ya know, cement.

Psych101 9

Yea it really sucks when I'm carrying my piano and drop it on my foot. Serves me right though, I shouldn't take it everywhere I go, even if a grand piano is my good luck charm.

You are trying too hard...

Yeah it's good people don't just go around just carrying pianos...

yea like hes going to carry a piano

That did not put a pretty picture in my mind

I cringed upon reading this FML.

I dropped a cement block on my foot once.. Honestly, nothing happened except my sneakers ripped.

77- the blocks come in different shapes, sizes, and weights. While a 5 lb block wont hurt too much a 100 lb block will hurt alot more.

I agree! then I started to think about the plain. O.o

I suspect you also got a painful lesson in human foot durability.

I didn't, thank god for steel/composite toe boots!!!

Ouch, I dropped a big huge 90s TV on my foot and it killed. My family was mad at me for breaking their TV.

You really could have turned that into an FML.

Llama_Face89 33

Damn that might hurt more than the cement block!

jrockstar123 0

why did you drop it on your foot then smart guy

kroekdog 7

Walk it off

Don't forget to stretch.

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon, OP!

You give Canadians a bad name.

JKr3slEMO 5

holy shit dude that pic is fucking scary..

Sawarski 13

12 It's not the worst profile picture I've seen on this sight.

Llama_Face89 33

....because he dropped something heavy? In that case I must be an absolute disgrace to my country...

10- it's not like he did it on purpose...

53 - You are if that's your team in your profile pic. Hahahaha I kid, but you had that coming.

Your profile picture gives Canadians a bad name.

You bitches is brutal.

AClassActx3 7

You give fml a bad face!

60- I love hetalia ;) I claim Italy ohoho

122-i love Hetalia too :D PASTAA~

#87 your pic is brutal- on my eyes

Sheeeeeeaaaaattttt! That's what went through my head reading this.