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Today, I learned that the college I'm going to in the fall has been tampering with their ratings on the internet and actually only has a 5% graduation rate. Everything's already been paid for and I can't transfer elsewhere. FML
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By  CrazyChiC42  |  10

First, check to make sure credits from that school would be accepted at other schools. If they are transferable, decide if you want to take a semester or two then transfer or take one off and start somewhere late. If they arent, withdrawal now for a full refund and find a new school to start at next semester or year. My school would give full refund on tuition if you withdrawl within a certain time and partial before half semester. If they don't do this, prob hafta sue.

By  abigiggles  |  38

Almost everyone is saying to sue. That would be your last option. Talk to the school about withdrawing and get a full refund if you don't mind taking a semester off of school. If they don't comply, talk to the department of education. They would be able to investigate and help you. It's called the borrowers defense to repayment. I should know a thing or two considering I work for Nelnet, a loan company servicer.