By warrior1995 - 14/05/2016 19:26 - Canada - Barrie

Today, I got the wristbands in the mail for a music festival in a month and a half. This is my first time going to an event like this and I got overzealous and put it on. Now it's locked tightly on my wrist. I checked online after and it said not to put it on before you arrive at the event. FML
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Hey guys! OP here, So to start things off, yes i know i'm an idiot... This is the first time i am ever attending an event like this and excitement got the best of me. I didn't really think of the idea that the wristband would lock, i had tried every possible thing to get it off but it was only making it tighter. Thank you to the few of you that were suggesting that twist off method to loosen it but unfortunately this bracelet had an extra piece so the clip itself could not be twisted off. To those of you commenting that it must be an EDM festival i'm attending because "only someone who goes to raves is stupid enough to do something like that" It is not an EDM festival. As for a follow up, I contacted the group on facebook and twitter a couple days ago and they finally got back to me today and told me to contact their support email. The person who responded there told me that i could simply cut off the band and that if i bring in the broken band, my receipt (proof of purchase), and my ID that i will be able to get a replacement at the festival. They also told me i would have to wait in a line for it, which is usually fairly long but there isn't any extra fee for the replacement. I am fine with this because it is a lot better than the alternative of being out the $300+ and not being able to attend this event! Thanks for all the comments guys :)

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Why would you put the wrist band on a month in advance in the first place? You could clearly loose it or it could come off/fall apart without you noticing. YDI

Where's the YDI button?


you're a little special aren't you?

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Where's the YDI button?

Yeah like I wouldn't want to click "That could've happened to me" on a post where the OP is clearly doing something wrong

Why would you put the wrist band on a month in advance in the first place? You could clearly loose it or it could come off/fall apart without you noticing. YDI

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Dude, it's lose not loose I've seen this way too many times are people trying to make this a thing?

It's times like this I really miss the YDI button.

I'm just using the bottom button as the YDI button even though it isn't labeled that way. YDI OP. You seriously need some patience.

Yeah, I feel like that's what most people are doing.

Why is there no YDI on this submission? This is definitely a YDI.

If it's an EDM event it makes it funnier cause you proved the stereotype of ravers being dumbfucks.

There are morons that are fans of all genres. Genres don't define intelligence, either.

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I don't know what kind of wristband it is but if it is one of those fabric ones with a plastic thing that allows you to tighten it, I know of a way you can loosen it: Twist the loose fabric as much as you can and attempt to slowly slide the plastic thing back to allow you enough space to get your hand out. I hope this helps! If not, that really sucks :(