By anonymous - 12/02/2010 05:03 - United States

Today, I found out the guy I've been dating is heavily into a mystical card game and spends all of his money going to "Magic" card conventions across the country. FML
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So? This isn't a FML. This is you not being accepting of other people's hobbies.

"Some guy I'm not even committed to has a hobby. FML."


Magic: The Gathering?

that's the only one I know of is magic the gathering... and that's not really a good fml... would you say the same thing if his hobby was basketball or something??? or playing guitar??? it's a hobby lol don't worry about it.

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"Im not acceptant of my boyfriends habits an i want him to do what I want him to do cause I'm a selfish twat. FML"

Hey. Your dating him so he must not be that much of a loser.

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it ain't "mystical" bitch. it's just a card game.

Yeah I'm pretty much with you guys on this she's a bitch, I play MTG every Friday myself and my wife accompanies me and is thinking about starting. if she's good with it no reason this bitch can't be

Okay... your life is fucked because you don't respect your boyfriend's habits and recreational activities? However, if the sexes were switched around, it's totally hot if you have a beautiful girlfriend that also plays Magic or the works :P

MTG 4 life bitchez YDI.

I totally agree. my bitch does that same shit.

Exactly. Besides, Magic isn't particularly mystical.

lmao ask him for his magic wand!

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I agree :D

Hehe.. My hubby got me into magic! Now I'm the one that asks, "When are we playing again?!"

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doesn't everyone do that?

OP is a bitch. so fucking what he plays a card game, I doubt he thinks all the mystical shit is real. who fucking cares, it'd be the same thing if he was playing poker.

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#44 win. it ain't mystical bitch. roflmao

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If he's "going across the country" then he's in the fucking Grand Prix! Your loss you intolerant whore!

FML should read: "Today, my girlfriend flipped out because i play Magic: The Gathering. I had to dump the shallow, close-minded bitch and now i've go no-one to drive me to the convention. FML"

Clearly their relationship sucks if he's into MTG and she thinks it's a mystical card game. Dumb troll is dumb. Also, MtG rules.

ya I play magic and I have a club based on card games at school. we have more than 25 members and people that u would think never play are there. we even have football players!

I feel for ya op my brother is obsessed and it's annoying I don't care that he plays but he should do other things too!!

Erica ur a selfish twat, mtg is fun, along with DnD, WoW, and other games like them, leave ur brother alone, he obviously has better taste in games then u and i im 100% certain he finds u twice as annoying as u find him

Omg. My brothers play MTG and I don't see why this is an fml. It's not too bad.

what? ur datin him

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hey! I play that game, ANNND I have had girlfriends that LOVED MTG. So you deserve it for not being open to new ideas.

sounds like a real winner :P

Im a winner and i play mtg, doesnt change a thing.

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lol mtg is fuunnn but not that fun lol

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It's just a game he enjoys. If you hate the thought of him wanting to do something other than sitting in front of a TV watching football, then stop dating him. He isn't your boyfriend; you have no commitment to him.

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I was just gunna say that. So what, he has a hobby. Who cares if its in the social norms, apparently you do. Personally, I would be thrilled

I like how they don't even know the name of the card game his apparently "Heavily into" This tells me he doesn't talk about it too much that it's a big annoyance, and it's only a hobby. Better this than him being addicted to poker or ignoring you to play video games all day; right?

Oh I get it! You want him to spend all that luscious money on YOU..... ohhhhh I get it now!

dshe is a chick

Nice sarcasm, Invioletlight. Lol

So? This isn't a FML. This is you not being accepting of other people's hobbies.

Exactly! OP, are you one of those women that has to have her boyfriend up her ass 24/7 to be happy? I hate women who can't let thier bf's have thier own hobbies and will freak out if a guy wants to spend time with thier friends.

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a lot of guys like getting in their girlfriend's ass. just sayin, sexual options and whatnot...

lol not in a sexual way :)

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*Makes faces* Anal is... Nah I'm not gonna go there.

Agreed, #5. OP is superficial, and therefore thinks her life is in ruins.

I think the point of her FML is that he spends ALL of his money on said hobby. A hobby is fine, MTG is fine, but spending all of your money on 1 hobby that seems to take up a good portion of your time is not healthy for him or their relationship. My boyfriend plays MTG and always spent his money on it before dating me. We live a few hundred miles apart and in order to see one another we have to be smart about our money. Now he plays more online and with friends instead of using up all of his money going to Friday Night Magic. We both do not have a huge income, or any income in his case, so this is the smartest choice for us.

"Some guy I'm not even committed to has a hobby. FML."

lol mhm. The f*ck, OP? Stop your bitchin. It's not like he's spending YOUR money... Now THAT would be a different story.

and either way this is probably a fake because I saw another FML that said something along the lines bf invited me over to play magic cards. my bf thinks magic cards are cool fml

How silly you are. YDI. If you don't like people who are "geeks" don't get with. Simples.

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Geeks need love too. :)

wow whine much. MTG is a hobby get over it sounds more like an F his life for dating a snob

I agree wit those saying she's a whining bitch. I mean there are worse hobbies n the OP should instead try 2 learn 2 play so she could spend tym wit him but some girls r jus too narrow-minded.:P

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you are all fucking retarded... the fml is that he spends ALL his money to go to conventions all around so he is always prob broke so fuck supporting some broke idiot who can't grow upp

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In addition to the points above, I would like to point out that Magic is fucking awesome, and you should be proud to even know someone who is as enthusiastic as he is about it.

I have to agree... as I mentioned above, it is a hobby... look at it this wat, at least he's not wasting all the money on video games. magic is a more adult based game, and had been around a long time, because people LIKE IT.

You're a whore