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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me via text message. Every 20 minutes or so, I'll get a notification that I have a new message, and I check it just to find that same message sitting there. I'm being trolled by my own phone. FML
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If you delete the message then the notification should go away I would think.

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Just don't go all Taylor Swift and write a song about it.


If you delete the message then the notification should go away I would think.

Or more likely just read the message...although with most phones you get notified a little quicker than 20 minutes.

You must have a iPhone. Ever since I got a iPhone it's been my wake up call

I don't think she should delete it . She should hold on to that message to remind herself not to be fooled so easily by men who have to be a coward to end a relationship via text . **** him , you can do better

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Just don't go all Taylor Swift and write a song about it.

Why not? I'd do that if I was a girl with a decent voice/body. The millions of dollars are totally worth it. The difference is I'd stop after 1 album/(song depending how much it makes) and start investing the money.

I'm pretty sure it's not that easy. If it were, we'd have thousands of mini-swifts running around whining about their boyfriends. The apocaswift apocalypse.

That's why I said decent voice. Most girls sound terrible singing, at least as teenagers.

There are lots of fantastic singers that haven't and won't make it. Just because you have a good voice doesn't mean you'll be successful.

Probably so. It was somewhat a sarcastic post. Looks like people here took it the other way. I'm just saying she's got a nice gig going.

'Today I got trolled by my own phone, my boyfriend broke up with my I don't know, oh Ohhhhh. (chorus) trolololololololol trolololololololol'. - the song that OP would write.

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#45 how the hell is something somewhat sarcastic? Sorry bud, nothing can save you from the hole you dug yourself in

Turn your phone completely off. It should reboot.

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Have you tried setting it on fire? It works nearly every time. I promise.

#35: It works 60% of the time, every time

Well you know, there's always those damn sane people who put it out and call you crazy. They ruin the whole process!

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Or microwave your phone... I have heard it improves how long the battery lasts! ( I take no responsibility for any fried phones due to this comment)

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I think her phone already broke up with her.

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Drill a hole in your phone to let some of the bad "trons" out.

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I'd delete the message or restart your phone. And your ex is a fuckwad for breaking up via text.

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I know it sucks getting dumped especially by text, e-mail etc. It has happened to me several times in the past so I know your pain. You'll be alright before you know it.