By Anonymous / Wednesday 1 January 2014 07:49 / Australia - Southport
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I don't think she should delete it . She should hold on to that message to remind herself not to be fooled so easily by men who have to be a coward to end a relationship via text . Fuck him , you can do better

  Tthug  |  34

Why not? I'd do that if I was a girl with a decent voice/body. The millions of dollars are totally worth it. The difference is I'd stop after 1 album/(song depending how much it makes) and start investing the money.

  Tthug  |  34

Probably so. It was somewhat a sarcastic post. Looks like people here took it the other way. I'm just saying she's got a nice gig going.

  FMLcommenterer  |  13

'Today I got trolled by my own phone, my boyfriend broke up with my I don't know, oh Ohhhhh. (chorus) trolololololololol trolololololololol'. - the song that OP would write.

  ajh1551  |  14

Or microwave your phone... I have heard it improves how long the battery lasts! ( I take no responsibility for any fried phones due to this comment)

By  martin8337  |  35

I know it sucks getting dumped especially by text, e-mail etc. It has happened to me several times in the past so I know your pain. You'll be alright before you know it.

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