By Anonymous - 29/03/2011 06:50 - United States

Today, I decided to mock a few stuck-up runners by effortlessly jumping over the track hurdles. The last one was the easiest. The easiest to crush my balls on, and twist my ankle up in the process. FML
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andradepz 0

ur a dumb ass

Hope they got a good laugh. YDI


nicobington 1


Wow, people still do this?

andradepz 0

ur a dumb ass

youre a dumb ass and you lost the game

you lost the game

...says the person who can't spell a word most people learn in infant school.

"Infant school"? Is that what they're calling it these days?

Well that's what we all call it in my area :)

ya live and you learn, my bad then:-)

Haha, yes you do :D

Woodsy007 0

#2 is exactly right. I mean common, hurdles are not easy to get over going the right way. if you go over them the wrong way then you can get really hurt. I know a stupid basketball player who jumped over one backwards and broke 3 ribs. YDDI (You Definitely Deserve It) for trying to mock us. we track runners can kick your butt and get away faster then you.

squishy01 0

Amen to that!

browncity23 0

68 I run hurdles in track... I don't jump them right but it's still easy... maybe cause I'm 6'3" though..

No he doesn't.

#83 You obviously don't have a good coach. I'm in hurdles and there is a definite form you have to get down to cut off the time you're floating in the air and to land in a manner that you are instantly off to the next hurdle. He deserves it for being a cocky dumbass and for thinking that's something easy. I've seen trained hurdlers take worse falls, he's lucky so he should suck it up.

Well, we found the stuck up hurdlers!

DANG IT! I lost the game :(

Hope they got a good laugh. YDI

Autoshot 9

Me too, I read "I decided to mock" before I voted YDI, then finished reading the FML. Way to go OP, way to go.

shulgafish 0

way to fail. if your trying to "mock" anyone, don't try to make it seem so easy. I hope you are seriously injured YDI.

morgiiex3 0

I know I would have! How was he planning on mocking them by jumping hurdles? I run and if I saw a non-runner randomly hurdling, I wouldn't get all butthurt-I'd just think they were an idiot.

k yeah sure that was pretty stupid, but 67, that's a bit rude wishing for someone to be "seriously" hurt for a little thing like that...

I agree with 81, and people try them all the time. it doesn't make us feel bad. besides how would it be mocking us if you look stupid doing it? We know what we're doing and that's why we're out there. OP YDI for sure

I'm sure OP showed those stuck-up people. They must be ashamed, trembling in their shoes. With laughter. Epic fail.

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13


Hey lovely .How r ya. hmm All I want 2 say that u r so great & I like ur picture, !! Gush u r so beautiful.. ;)

chester75 5


my day has been made

he pretty much diserved that. guess he'll rethink mocking them next time.

iluffmcrandbvb 1

he did diserve that. or did he deserve that?

you know perfectly well what she meant; she just made an accidental typo. why are you being an asshole about it?

it was a typo okay. accidents happen...

how do you kno he wuz being hostile and meen about it? its the funny way to tell someone they typoed (Spelling?!?)

scuba113 2

that's what you get for thinking you can do what they do YDI.

Why didn't you just setup some way to trip them all up.

notquite69 0

You're an idiot. And now they can mock you better than you ever imagined in mocking them, and you'll deserve it.

omg ytdi for being such a DUMBASS..! ha ha