By someone72 - 22/03/2010 23:20 - United States

Today, I got excited when my phone vibrated cause I thought someone actually wanted to talk to me. When I grabbed my phone I realized my mind played a trick on me and I only thought it vibrated. I'm so lonely I subconsciously trick myself into thinking I have friends. FML
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haha but OP, don't worry, happens to me all the time, probably cause I'm a dumb **** :/

The pic is awful, just awful. Awful drawing, interpretation, and execution.


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haha but OP, don't worry, happens to me all the time, probably cause I'm a dumb **** :/

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that happens 2 me too.. y isn't it ever the 1 person u wanted to hear from =/

I have 0 friends too, it's as bad as you would think.

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it's called phantom phone. my dad, brother, and I coined that term. it happens alot.

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put on something skanky and go get some strange. stop complainging about just do something.

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this has happened to me a couple of tines

Yeah I'm pretty sure that's happened to everyone. They just won't admit it!! :P

lol yep happens to me all the time xD

I did, BrisingrSverdar. I was going to comment on it, but then I got distracted by the ornamental penis opportunity. And I feel my phone vibrate just before it does.

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lol that happens to me all the time even if I'm holding it, it feels like my purse vibrated or something. ahaha

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When my ex broke up with me I was checking my mobiles each 2 to 5 minutes for a month. sometimes I was 100% sure I received something so ye been there as well :O

#12, you didn't coin that term. It's been used before on the news and elsewhere.

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Yeah I agree with #11, I'm always alone at lunch but I kina like it.

Haha, don't worry: when you do get lots of phone calls and texts, the phantom vibrations don't stop! They're fun :-)

if you don't have any friends you can never fall out ;) alway look in the bright side of life....

#11 that's true but I think it's best when you have a choice. and op use the Internet or join some kind of group

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awww try not being shy and reach out

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hahah ok soo iim not the only onee who thought that until ii read the rest x) lol that happens too mee all the timee sometimees wen it's in my pocket too :D

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why is everyone commenting super lonely on this site? haha but watever, this sounds like a follow up to the fml where the guy bought an iphone so someone would talk to him

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Proves you need a better life. Good luck.

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oh god me too! i never have my phone on vibrate. either loud as hell or silent. but i've definitely heard my phone when it never actually rang

not. term coined long ago in a galaxy far far away.

Damn, same thing happens to me too. Oh, woe is me, for I am the lamest of the lame. :P

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awww. make some friends! thats what i wud do!

Nuclear_Ninja 6

Happens to me all the time. Even when I'm with friends. Always turns out to be a nerve twitch

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lol yeah, it only sucks because the OP is so obsessed with having no friends. lonely? go make a friend or two. can't do that? get a job that forces people to interact with you. lol enough of that and you'll probably want your peace and quiet back

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my phone only vibrates to tell me it's almost dead...

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Hah, I've had the sensation of my phone vibrating when it really wasn't too. I, however, didn't link a subconscious motive to it. Sorry you don't have anyone who wants to talk to you :(

a1s 3

it's a documented condition called "phantom vibration syndrome", most cell phone users get it, and has nothing to do with your subconscious.

aww. :( i always get the phantom vibe. ugh. i wish it was actually someone calling so i wouldnt feel so stupid when i jerk in surprise when i feel it vibrate.

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Yes, you're first. Grats. Now edit and delete that part so you don't get the flak from calling it out.

i hear the ring on my phone but it ends up bein the TV and i flip and answer my phone even tho no one is calling.. then i realize no ones there and ... luckily it only happens weekdays when i dont even get to use my phone haha still tho.. sucks for you=

FYLDeep 25

You also subconsciously capitalized the word "into". I'm sure that indicates some kind of repressed sexual desire. What are you trying to get "into" OP?

FYLDeep 25

Wow, they would correct the FML in order to make me look like a dumbass.

No, you do OK by yourself. (couldn't resist)

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I've been in a very deep convo and I thought my phone was vibrating but it's whatever happens to the best of us. Besides no one wants their phone going off all the time.

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I understand, you poor bastard (said in deep empathy)