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Today, my boyfriend of over 2 years said he wants to get married before he leaves for basic training. Not because he loves me, but because he'll get paid more if he's married. This is the only time he's been excited about marriage. FML
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Wow. My husband and I just got married today. He's also in the military. And he could care less about the money. I mean yea, it's going to help with bills for our house and stuff but we got married because we love each other. And let me tell you. being apart is the hardest thing ever. so if he's only thinking about the money don't bother in putting yourself through a long distance relationship. seriously.


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Snugglez, wat do u say??... o n 1st

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stay with him and you get a piece of that extra money. think about it!

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I'd say no.. he sounds like a total jerk!

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Wow I hope you don't marry him. Wth #1 ahaha your so weird! fml

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When I was younger I thought that the purpose of dating was to find the person you would be willing to have sex with for the rest of your life in marriage. Now I know that it is simply getting all of the sex for the rest of your marriage out of the way.

wtf #1?! Step off of snugglez. I don't think she's interested.

she will prob be like most other girls. looking at the $$. she wil prob marry him, bang all his friends while hes away, then divorce him gettin half of everything

#1! I think she already knows you think she's pretty and that you're "in love" with her. really! geeez.

#11 pretty sure I think snugglez loves a kid over the Internet with no pic ^^

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hahah lol ur really pretty snugglez

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even if she isn't, I hope she understands my feelings for her

soccerdude101- I'm assuming you don't even know her and just "love" her face. weird.....

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um soccerdude101- I understand you think I'm pretty or whatever but you are coming off to strong making yourself look creepy. So you should stop saying you love me and all that other nonsense. Please and Thanks =]

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awwwwwwwwwww I'm sorry... but r we still friendz?? :-)

#16 uhm. stay with a guy who doesn't even want to marry you, just for the money? that's not love.

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This stalkig thig reminds me of that other chick.. cept her stalker was funnier. Soccer step it up please!

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Soccergirl + Soccerdude = ???

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I hope you said no to him if that's the real reason

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Well he'll love you eventually I'm sure=D On the bright side, if you get married, his money is your money;D

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why are people saying snugglees?

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anybody know people who do xbox mw2 10th prestige lobbies?

145 omg I hear that so much on xbox and now u gotta bring it here. ever heard of google??

Well, what about it? dont YOU want more income yourself?

Lol its funny how creepy guys on fml think that by saying "you're pretty", the girl wants to have sex and have your babies. Pretty odd.

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woah. @26 ur hair is awesomeeeeeeee

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naaa I'm not a stalker it's just ur thinking

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mean to tell me u falling for that

164- u r a heartless prick!!! lol no totally kidding... op maybe he is jst saying tht as a cover? maybe he does wanna get married, jst not in a big way! lk the whole church, 500 ppl, 6 hr service... tht whole deal... ask him, it's the only way to know for sure...

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When did FML become a chat room? OP, maybe he does really want to marry you for love.. The money is just a bonus. Or, he's a total dick. Probably that second one.. But, I have no idea what to make of the situation.. :/

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Welcome to military love life. Just do both yourselves a favor and break it off, you'll be divorced within a year anyways. What branch is he in? If it's the navy, he'll be bangin a thai hooker his first shore leave, but that's prob about the same time you and the rest of the courageous wives left back stateside will be bringin guys back from the local college bar

okay she the one who's mad about the fact that he wants to get married just to get more money... so why don't you try judging the guy he seems to be the one at fault here!!!!!!!!

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#201; That's definitely not how all "courageous wives" are, 90% of them maybe. I've been in the active army for over 2.5 years, I'm married to an active duty soldier, 14 months now and I would never cheat on him, especially not with a drunk dumb ass lil college boy. OP; Gettin married for money is no reason to get married. I hate how today's society looks at marriage; "it's just a piece of paper", "it doesn't mean anything", "it's easy money", etc etc blah blah bullshit. In the not too distant past; it was a sacred vow between 2 people to LOVE eachother no matter what, to spend the rest of your lives together, to be monogomous, to only have intimate relations with your spouse, through sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, so long as you both shall live. If he wants more money tell him to get a better job!! Plus to top it off, it will get him kicked out cuz fraud is a felony and highly frowned upon in the military. Also, adultry will get him dishonorably discharged and possible jail time :) give him fair warning of that, maybe he'll change his mind...

Either decline or marry him and divorce him for alimony?

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No, this is nothing new. People have been marrying for money for HUNDREDS of years. Parents used to try to marry their preteen/teen daughters off to the richest man they could get. It didn't matter if he was forty or eighty. It was all about money and title.

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Sorry girll gotta dump him badly..

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I'm sorry op that sucks!...hope u said no!

My Sister-in-Law is going through the same thing girl. we feel you.

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25=win. I wanna join also. Not if your fat becuase fat girls are yucky.

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25 win 86 win fat chicks make we want to take a hammer and knock off my doorbob and **** my door.

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says the girl with purple hair. lmfao (;

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well if he was gunna ask u anyways in the future why not now and I know how it is my brother did that he'd be making enough to get u twenty diamond rings if u go in single and get married u only get half as much as if u enter basic married he isn't being a douche it's money u won't find anywhere else in this suck ass economy

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wow, that whole "he'd be making enough to buy you 20 diamond rings" just made me seriously aggrivated and sick to my stomach. Is that all it is? Material gains?? Disgusting... The amount of money you get ENTERING basic training just doesn't depend on if you're married. It depends on what rank you are as well. A single soldier going through basic who entered as a specialist (E-4) will make probably just as much as a married private (E-1). To get in as a specialist, you need college. Also, you could enlist as an officer and make alot more but you need more college if not a degree and OCS(officer canidate school). You don't start making real good money being married in the military until after basic training and/or your job schooling(it depends), you live off post and get your BAH(basic housing allowance) which also varies according to rank and cost of living in that area. And no; you don't get "only half" of the money you'd make if you got married after he joined then if getting married before he was already in. For 2 service members to be married before or after enlisting, the higher rank of the 2 will get FULL BAH while the other gets PARTICIAL which is about HALF, on top of your regular paycheck. For a soldier and a civilian, the soldier will claim his/her spouse as a dependant, getting SOME money for it and he/she would also draw full BAH. Doesn't matter when they get married, before or after enlisting, it's the same. I don't know where you get your information from but woah is it wrong. Go ahead and ask your brother to ask his senior ranks if I'm right or not.