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Today, I've been awake for 4 days. My doctor recently put me on enough sleeping pills to kill a small country, but when I take them it's like a shot of adrenaline. I'm wide awake and tired as all hell at the same time. FML
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I hear it causes bladder or testicular cancer roflmao

#85 weed has been proven to kill cancer bro

#96 I thought weed only helped reduce pain for people under chemotherapy treatment, not kill the cancer itself.

shannon.elizabeth 13

cannabis has been shown to reduce or even fully treat basal cell carcinoma, one of the most common skin cancers (some studies say it successfully treats 92% of cases) not to mention other cancers

Take less or switch doctors? Maybe ask for a different prescription if that one isn't working. There's a lot of options for you to get the sleep you need :)!

Why switch doctors? If a particular medication doesn't work for OP, he can just go back to his regular doctor and say. The doc isn't going to do an evil laugh and tell him he must 'stay on the same pills and never sleep again'.

he can try melatonin, and its something you can buy anywhere. that wouldnt keep him up.

Melatonin doesn't make you sleepy, it helps put you in a deeper sleep once you're already asleep.

Can't buy it in Australia. I ordered it off eBay to try it, gave me very weird dreams.

48, whenever I've taken melatonin it makes me extremely sleepy, so idk where you heard that.

ChristianH39 30

I still use melatonin sometimes, it does work well for me but it always makes me feel tired the next day.

Look on the bright side... Only 16 more sleeps till Christmas!

Wow I'm sorry about that. Have you tried running before you go to sleep. That's what always works for me.

If you do ^^ get indica, not sativa! Otherwise you'll be even more wired! Lol! And do you have anxiety? I do, and whenever they tried to give me sleeping meds, they had the same effect on me. When I can't sleep anxiety is usually the root cause. Now I only have to take medication a couple times a month (if that) for anxiety, and have no trouble sleeping- way better! I'm not a doctor, but just another possible option since you're having a tough time and I've had a similar experience. Best of luck! ??

ourtneyc 14

that doesn't sound right OP. your doctor probably put you on the wrong stuff since everybody's body reacts different to different medications. I hope you find the right medication for you. good luck!

A lot of times with medications like that you need to find just the right combination. Wishing you luck!

People react differently to medication, my mother once had to take some vitamin C because it helps staying awake and active and it has the opposite effect on her, it makes her tired and sleepy. Just try other things, you'll eventually find the right one.

You might be part of the very small amount of people where medication has the opposite effect. Try some OTC meds that are supposed to keep you awake. If that works tell your doctor and he can change your meds.

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yeah I am one of them. Many pain meds either don't work or have a reduced effect on me. Many meds that are supposed to make me sleepy don't. When I was a kid I had a broken leg and needed a phone pin in my leg. The shot did not work so I had about 8 people holding me down as a pin was pushed through my leg.