By Anonymous - 02/08/2013 05:03 - United States - Woodland Hills

Today, after learning that my wife has been cheating on me, I decided to distract myself by playing The Sims. Not long after I began, my Sim's wife basically started cheating on him. FML
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baseballdude1283 18

Wow...I am so sorry for you, atleast you can kill your wife....without getting in Sims....

Games are getting a bit too much like reality


baseballdude1283 18

Wow...I am so sorry for you, atleast you can kill your wife....without getting in Sims....

Yeah in Sims... but the real life bexclamationmarktch will still be breathing. Kick her to the kerb...on the other side of the street.

OP should hopefully have that joint bank account and a few of her credit cards.Pull all the cash out of the joint account and then go on a shopping spree with her credit cards. Perfectly legal...

Sims is good for when you want to release some anger by making your enemy/ someone you wish to hurt and making their cyber life hell, but once i created my family on Sims then my Dad tried to light the fire and burned himself to death. Sad moment :(

Put her in the pool and take the ladder away!

Or lock them in the basement.

That's why you make sure they have at least 1 cooking skill and a smoke detector.

Games are getting a bit too much like reality

Zimmington 21

Well, my Sim is a millionaire Rockstar with a wife, 3 kids, a dog, a turtle, and a girlfriend... I should've done more with my life *hangs head*

AurumPotestasEst 16

56: Yours only has one girlfriend?

The Sims are evil.

put the wife sim in the pool, remove the ladder, feel a little better.

Sonfang 19

Only problem is if its Sims 3 they don't have to use the ladder anymore. But he could fatigue her with working out then put her in the pool.

Or put her in a small empty room without a door . They rot haha

Hmm now I finally understand why people play the Sims....

I personally trap then in the middle of tons of counters and one oven. I tell them to make something in the oven, then put a counter in front of it too. They can't get to the food and it will cause a fire... Something is really wrong with me..

hcollins1 18

40, I like to trap them in front of a fireplace and fill it up with stuff that'll the objects and the sim/sims burned. We're in the same boat. Haha

Zimmington 21

I don't trap my Sims I just starve them, delay sleep until they pass out, and don't allow them to use the bathroom or bathe. Until they shortly die from starvation or something. it's more sadistic.

punkyboy 11

you can still drown them in the sims 3 just put a brick wall around the pool and take away the ladder

You guys are ******* scaring me, you all have some deep murder issues that need worked out.

Dawnstempest 17

@83 Well... You can't spell slaughter without laughter. After reading these comments I will have to try out Sims 3 now.

The Sims: giving sociopaths virtual release since 2000

I think I need to start playing Sims.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Time to start playing the Sims again.

Holy_Schnikes 23

I build a small little walled in area in my back yard, put in a fire place and fill it with stuff, tell my neighbours to come over if I don't like them then walk out and delete the door after lighting the fire. Then I sit and wait.

Sonfang 19

Yes but at least in the Sims you can do some "evil" things to her. But for real OP I hope you two can resolve this, one way or another. Nobody deserves to be cheated on. No matter what she should have the balls to ask for a divorce if she wanted to go with other people.

The only solution to cheating is breakup...

NagainaFier 16

If it's a one time thing and the cheater seriously regrets it, there's nothing that says the couple can't try to work things out. A habitual one though... :| However, I'm still firmly of the opinion that if you want to have sex with someone else, you really should break up/divorce the person you're with currently; NO ONE deserves to feel the pain of being cheated on.

Seems like you need some changing to do

Once a cheater , always a cheater . I'm so sorry it happened . I hope you're alright and divorce papers are being arranged .

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I hate that damn phrase. So just because I once was young and naive, I'm now always going to cheat on every girl I date? That's a pretty bold statement. Everyone ***** up once in a while, it's more about what you learned from that mistake instead of repeating it.

Yeah , I know . But the message was to kinda give OP another reason to leave her . I know people **** around when they're kids . I know that so well . I know about giving 2nd chances but only if people earn it . First time is always a mistake , but the second time would've been a choice .

Divine sign that it's time to let your wife go. Go ahead and get this out of the way so you can move on with your life...ain't nobody got time for that!

You realize you are telling someone who is probably still in love with his wife to just give up on years of marriage, right? I know that in our society, cheating is seen as the ultimate betrayal, but that doesn't change the fact that it is incredibly common. I am in no way siding with adultery, but I know from watching friends go through it that a divorce is not always the right answer. You have to realize that these are two people who built a life together. It takes a lot of hard work, but a marriage can recover from this. Obviously op will do whatever he feels is right, but there is no rule that says a marriage has to be over just because someone cheated. I certainly would like to think I would try to work it out with my own husband before giving up on years of love and friendship.

If my husband had sex with another woman, I think I would try to forgive him, but I don't think I ever fully could. More importantly I don't think I'd ever fully trust him again.

Zimmington 21

46- What's love without trust?

Yes I realize that because I am recently divorced (4 year helliage). I believe that once a cheater forever a cheater just like once an abuser always an abuser. Trust is hard to obtain and too damn easy to lose. Their relationship has a slim chance of ever being healthy. But hey if you wanna stay with a liar, go for it.

Marriage in the 1800's

That comment was to 58

It can read your mind, and it knows your story, it sees what you're going through...Yeah. Watch Desperate Housewives and feel even more horrible.

mimiminx 23

Im sorry to hear this OP. I can think of better ways to distract oneself from thoughts of a cheating wife than playing the sims! How about going out and seeing some real friends/ family?

Maybe he's not ready to talk about it yet. I sure as hell wouldn't be in a hurry to have to tell my loved ones if this happened to me. He might also feel ashamed or not know how to process it yet. At the very least, he's probably going to want to talk to his wife before putting it out in the open.

Ins0mau 20

Video games, books, movies. It's called escapism. It's perfect temporary relief for real life problems!