By Marlon - 11/12/2010 08:18 - United States

Today, I got dumped by my girlfriend at her mom's birthday party, in front of her whole family. They even got it on video. FML
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perdix 29

I envision her putting on an outrageous Donald Trump wig, looking straight into the camera and saying, "You're fired." Is that how it happened?

Yay, now you can relive it every day :D


persianjr1 7

Haha. At least he got it over with in front of everybody for them to realize how much of a jerk she is!!!! Dont worry Dude.

iSitt 0

it was her parent's idea. they offered her $20 to dump you. she dumps all her bfs this way. then mounts the images in her trophy collection.

iSitt 0

and they view the replays later to critique her technique.

22-no. I think voldemort is worse. yeah I said it. I'm not scared.

Awww thanks #50! :) Some people can be so rude about my condition >8( it's not like I can help it! Besides, Ostricheyetis is 10x better than no nose and green skin!

ur eyes aren't bad;; they are definetly worth more than weed

generalasskicker 12

yeah I didn't notice anything till someone drew my attention to them

Shouldn't have been nailing her mom. That's how you get caught up!

bedburgular 0

i Wana watch it so I can lol at you

popprock 13

How kind of you.... Sorry OP that sucks pretty bad. And kinda uncool of her family...

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Send Me The Link When You Find It Haha.!

Your girlfriend is SO thoughtful, giving her mom what she probably wanted the most... FYL Though./

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America's Funniest Videos!! or Youtube:)