By baguette - 02/09/2014 23:32 - Germany - Minden

Today, I've been living in Germany for several weeks now. My classmates still cannot pronounce my name: Clémence. Instead they call me, “Baguette.” FML
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Aww just call them "Brötchen" as a comeback, it is like little loafs of Bread. =) Or "Wurst"

Something tells me this isn't a case of them not being able to...


Aww just call them "Brötchen" as a comeback, it is like little loafs of Bread. =) Or "Wurst"

Or just call them kraut.

Something tells me this isn't a case of them not being able to...

Clemens (the german version of your name) is pronounced quite similar, I highly doubt it is a matter of not being able to. I agree with #1, call them german food items of your choice in return.

My name is Wafaa and when I was living in Germany, they used to call me "Waffel" which means "Waffle" in English. And guess what happened when I moved to an English speaking country... -_-

There is no W sound in German, but they shouldn't have called you that.

askullnamedbilly 33

As a German: Was? Wie? Wovon redest du? (What? How? What are you talking about?) Of course Germans have a W-sound. It's not a matter of people being unable to pronounce certain things anyway, it's a matter of people fucking with you.

You pronounce it with a W sound as in water? Because I was taught Ws are a V sound as in violin.

A W is pronounced like a v - so waffles is pronounced Vaffeln.

Suaria 38

Wienerschnitzel which is pronounced with a v instead of a w could be an example of the German language changing a w into a v sound.

Yes lots of them would pronunce my name "Vafaa". Still had a good laugh over it though :)

That's what I was originally getting at. Guess I didn't articulate it well enough.

Dude, thats austrian german- which is actually an independent dialect. Second off, the W in Wien (Vienna) is NOT pronounced like a V; if the was the case it would sound like 'Fien'.

ulissey_fml 22

Since they are behaving like tits, call them "tétons" and just pretend this is how "teutons "is pronounced. I also think your name is a lot easier to say than they Clem it to be.

Maybe it's cuz you're so cute that they would rather nickname you after a cute... something. *I have no idea what a baguette is. I hope it's not some kind of fish.

It's the long loafs of bread that are typically French.

bread, baguettes are a typ of bread

Slavgaard 16

Could be worse... your name could be Squirrel ....

Eichhörnchen! That was one of my faves in German class! I also liked verschwinden. German is fun.

davek 36

Omelette du fromage

Cheer up Baguette! It could've been worse.

Suaria 38

One of my friends has the same name as you but they go by Charlie. You could start calling them by German food names such as Bratwurst.