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By Levi2411 - 31/12/2018 04:00

Today, I'm babysitting. The kids have only been home at the same time together for 15 minutes. Two of them have punched each other and the other is running in circles screaming. What is wrong with this picture? FML
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fooltemptress 36

You’re posting to FML instead of actually watching the kids?


TxKitten79 10

Right?!?!? LOL. Loved the (very true) response!

fooltemptress 36

You’re posting to FML instead of actually watching the kids?

Yes, definitely! That's the goal of all babysitters, to post things and not watch the rugrats. Pft. No, they were asleep.

manb91uk 22

Maybe it's time to break out the wholesome activities? Lego, painting, footie in the garden. They sound over stimulated so an active game will probably help. Is there a park nearby?

I totally agree. They need some sportsy activity outside, like soccer or a fight club. If there's no park or greenery nearby, let them play in the alley behind the apartment or in some abandoned yard (check for used syringes first). Leave some empty soup cans and sticks for them to play with. This is the old "don't come back before dinner" trick of our grandmas. It's good for the cardio, it does wonders for the imagination and it never killed anyone according to everybody over 50. Anyway, kids are overprotected nowadays.

Sucks to be you, but that is kids for you. Especially siblings.

Please read a book on English grammar. It’s not hard to write a paragraph.

You didn't give them cough syrup to knock them out. Oldest trick in the book, when it comes to little *****.

Sounds like the inmates are running the asylum there.

What's wrong is you aren't doing anything about it....

xxWTFxx1981 23

Personally when I see kids acting a fool only thing wrong is parenting. You are obviously not good at it.