By Stillo - 11/04/2015 11:20 - Germany - Munich

Today, my boss finally did something nice for me and bought me a coffee. By mistake I poured salt in it. To not be ungrateful, I drank it all in front of her. FML
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Stillo tells us more.

Hey guys, OP here. I'm quite surprised this was published, it happened on Saturday. It's a cleaning job that I am doing, my boss has been nagging me a lot, making me redo things (she is really a perfectionist!!) usually she isn't there when I clean, but she came Saturday to do some things in her clinic and she asked if I wanted a coffee, which I ofcourse said yes to. When she came with the coffee I tasted it quickly and it was quite bitter... So when she went to do something else quick, I kinda ran to the kitchen and got the sugar... At least it was in sugar thingy..., then I poured it in my coffee! And since I'm kinda a shy person I really couldn't tell her. Just had to pokerface through it... (Yes my stomach did hurt alittle after it!)

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At least you did the right thing, sorry OP.

gintwinsmoore 20

that's an easy mistake to make...sorry OP.


At least you did the right thing, sorry OP.

Perhaps now though OP's boss might get her a coffee with salt because of this previous experience... That might cause a salty situation between the both of them

Hopefully OP gets better luck in the future. Class act for sure

OP put the salt in, not the boss

gintwinsmoore 20

that's an easy mistake to make...sorry OP.

Turns out your boss put salt in it as well

kayj905 15

No need to be salty about it, OP.

c_wyld 21

Pound that coffee right in front of her to show your dedication for impressing your superiors.

drunk_crow 12

Couldn't you have just told her about this? I'm sure she would understand, and you wouldn't have to drink coffee with salt in it. I gotta say YDI on this one.

I can imagine the complex social situation that might have been going on. I mean if someone who is usually mean to you finally offers a token of friendship, you'd be afraid of it going wrong, even if not by your own fault. Kind of like "I finally got her coffee and she's so clumsy she had to throw it away. See if I'll ever do that for her again."

Octwo 16

Just because she never did anything nice doesn't mean she was mean.

drank it like a champ, nicely done OP

buttcramp 21

if i would have been in this situation, i would take a sip or two and excuse myself.. did you have to drink the whole thing, OP? lol

gobiteme2 34

How can you mix up the different containers usually with salt you need to shake and with sugar you need to pour or use a spoon. If they were in packets you should have read the label before opening YDI

chidofrito 11

This considering salt packets look entirely different than sugar packets. YDI

Sometimes the sugar and salt are in simairl containers.

It was your mistake and if you wished to not look like an incompetent I think this is the best strategy since the wording of your posting suggest you're already on shaky ground sweater