By Sicko - 28/08/2010 23:52 - France

Today, it was really hot in my house so I pulled my shorts down so I was just in my boxers. My family and I were watching tv and I got a spontaneous erection. When I discreetly tried to pull my shorts back up, my penis flipped out of my boxers. FML
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Wtf your family thought it was normal to randomly pull down your shorts in their presence?? O_o

^ Guys get criticized for not knowing that girls wipe after taking a leak, so I'm going to criticize you for thinking all erections are intentional. You're stupid.


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um hello, awkwarddddd. bahahah.

Lool, made me feel better, was having a bad day. :)

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21 these make me feel better when I have a bad day too :) I hate web thy happens but I never have an erection but i hate when I have to get up and i have one

its normal to have an erection lasting longer than 8 hours

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how the hell do guys get a spontaneous erection??? are they still going through puberty or something??? haha

^ Guys get criticized for not knowing that girls wipe after taking a leak, so I'm going to criticize you for thinking all erections are intentional. You're stupid.

just keep ur god dang pants on creep

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NRBs. No reason boners happen to guys at the worst times. (:

Hello hello, allow me to introduce myself my name is~ Shaaaady

hell yea shudve just started fappin awayyyyy

45 I refer to this situation as: REVENGE FOR ANAL

seriously, just yesterday i got one while doing some chemistry hw, and let me tell you, chemistry is not such a turn on.

ahahahaha. damn that's funny. leaving your shorts on wouldn't have made a difference seeing as shorts are made for hot weather in the first place. soo ydi. :D

You've got a really WEIRD family! I have this picture of a whole family sitting around watching TV with their pants pulled down. Let me tell you--NORMAL PEOPLE DO NOT DO THIS!!! I hope you don't have kids. Freak.

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im just laughing at the fact that your erection is so small, putting your pants on can hide it

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why would you want to sit in your boxers in front of your family....? /:

it's really nice to meet you, it's been a long time, sorry I've been away so long, my name is shaaaaady never meant to leave you #54

Haha #37 ! Were you refering to the previous FML? Haha!

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umm this is why you buy boxers without the hole in front... Nobody uses those... they're just plain DANGEROUS. also yea, guys get an average of 11 random boners a day. it's just blood flow, ppl.

Alot of guys will walk around their house in just their boxers. Anyway, if you don't have AC, you'd be wishing for it.

I'd love to be a guy for this very reason

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84--- FINALLY someone said that!!! That's the first thing I thought-who the hell does that with their family? What kind of family is this??? Alabama? Blue People???? ******* WEIRD!!! ...and no matter how old a guy he gets, they get boners for no reason just as much as when hey were young. My bf is a cop and it happens all the time to him-STILL!!! He'll b roving around and it just wakes up. LOL on the boner, sick on the pants around ur ankles while u sit in a hot sweaty room with your family watching tv! probably drinking bush in cans too.

a lot of guys take their pants off and sit around in their boxers. it's more comfortable.

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Oh yes. Very very awkward. 

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in front of their whole family?

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You're obviously a moron. Men can easily get spontaneous erections. It has nothing to do with puberty. It's quite clear you've never known a penis too well before. Know your facts before you speak up and make a fool of yourself.

So.. let me get this straight. You and your family are just sitting there watching tv, when all of a sudden you just pull your pants down around your ankles? TC, you completely deserve your dick popping out because your weird and a creep. **** your family's life for having to watch tv with a creep like you.

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Apparently your not from the south. I hardly ever wear pants it gets so hot around here lol. #84.

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haha WTF!!! you should have just got up and left

Ew. That's disgusting and extremely awkward.

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it happens randomly!!! btw I hate when that happens >.> YDI for wearing boxers in front of your family and getting turned on.

You ******* dumbass. You just said that it happens randomly and then said that it was his fault.

Wtf your family thought it was normal to randomly pull down your shorts in their presence?? O_o

I agree why would you be in only boxers around your family..must be some close family.

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for some people that doesn't bother them. I could walk around in my underwear all day if I didn't have to leave my house. lol. it sucks that this happened to you OP.

gross, why would you do that? my family doesn't even see my socks, let alone my penis.

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All families are different. My brother and dad walk around in their boxers sometimes, and my sisters walk around in shorts and camis that their boobs keep falling out of. Other families won't even wear shorts around each other. It all depends on what their comfort levels are.

My dad walks around in his boxers and/or without a shirt on in the summer -- we don't have central AC in our house. It's not like I can see anything.

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I'm sure they loved the view and if it's small then damn I feel bad for u.

u should of done the classic strap dat sucker down