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Today, I left my grandmother's burial to take a midterm. Earlier I e-mailed the professor to ask permission to take it later, and she flat out said "no." I left my grieving family, and traveled hours back to school. I went to class, only to discover that the prof decided to move the exam date. FML
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your teacher is a serious asshole. js

Your professor deserves to get fired. What a piece of shit person with no sympathetic bone in her body.


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your teacher is a serious asshole. js

Agreed. That is just downright unreasonable and unfeeling. Report her to the school board!

Not necessarily; if she has a midterm in June she's likely in university, in which case the exams are set by the registrar, and are thus quite difficult to change. Your prof likely had nothing to do with it. As well, it's virtually impossible to write an exam after everyone else has written, as you get an unfair advantage, so unless you contacted her several days prior to the exam, you had pretty much no chance. Also, 65, I think you need to take a breather. Don't take the internet so seriously. Especially since there's no girls on the internet.

" I went to class, only to discover that the prof decided to move the exam date." I believe that statement disproves your last statement? No offense, just pointing that out.

Appeal the professor's decision. Most universities/colleges (I'm assuming you're in post secondary) have an appeals committee that students can go to if a teacher makes an unfair decision. No matter what sort of schooling you're doing, go to the administration and appeal. The professor has no right to do that.

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Agreed. Keep taking this up the administrative chain until you get the F off your transcript and the prof gets punished, unless the prof decided to change the date for your sake and didn't let you know. In that situation, you should still insist that the F gets taken off your transcript.

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Where did the OP say she got an F? More than likely she did better than she would have originally because now she didn't have to take the test right after returning from a funeral and a long drive

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How could she deserve it if the professor decided to change the date at the last min.? FYL

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You deserve it for having an old/sick grandmother.

F*ck off, you're a waste of space #23!! FYL.

I honestly want to know what your thought process was to think that it was his fault for being born, please explain :) Since it seems kind of ridiculous

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I want to kick your prof. ass.

what an asshole.

What a cuntface professor.

Your professor deserves to get fired. What a piece of shit person with no sympathetic bone in her body.

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I think every college has some sort of "court" where scenarios like this-or others- can be handled seriously and the professor could get fired or on temporary leave without pay until a decision is made. I would look into that if I were you, OP.

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wow, what an ass. i say you end his life.

All you complaining about the professor..what are they supposed to do? Change the date of exams every time someone dies? Theres hundreds of students with tons of family members that could die at any date. It's not their concern.

It may not be their concern but it is their responsibility to inform much sooner than that or at least wait and consider it before just giving her a flat out no in the beginning.

Maybe she did stop and consider it, and then gave the girl a "No"! Maybe the OP was a total slacker and the professor saw this as just one more excuse to skip a test? Maybe she gets a million of these e-mails every year and she's sick of giving make-up tests!

what are you, 12?

Often, a Professor will let you take the test at a testing center or something else on a different date, in reasonable circumstances. This teacher was just a bitch.

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@9: You got the point wrong. OP left his/her family to take the test, just to find out that the Prof had changed the dates without OP know about it. I hate it how people get the point of the text wrong.

actually, bud, 9 was replying to the COMMENTERS. looks like you're the one whose getting the text wrong here.

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Yeah, they could've been talking about moving the exams for everyone, or they could've been asking if they could take it later so they didn't have to leave their grandmother's funeral.

Yeah, exactly. Sometimes they'll ask for "documentation" like a copy of the obituary or a program from the funeral, but generally it's not a problem. @OP - That ******* sucks. I'm sorry for your loss, and also sorry that you have to spend another six (or however many) weeks with this professor.

@#9, Aelaena: the teacher isn't expected to move the date for everyone, because one person's grandmother died. S/he can, however, make allowances for that one person to take it on another date. Or AT THE VERY LEAST inform him/her when the date changes. Presumably the student didn't find out because it was announced in class, last minute, while s/he was already away at his/her grandmother's funeral.

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ur cold hearted

They don't have to change the whole exam date, just make an exception that's all, you dumbass.

OP asked to take the test later not move it back.

I swear professors and other college teachers do this shit on purpose just to piss us off.

I think she deserved it because she didn't check to see that the date was changed, it's not a mystery there are announcements about that kind of thing. if you weren't so arrogant you wouldn't have failed so hard.

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#115 arrogance has nothing to do with this post. I think you're just as heartless as the professor is. are you sure you're not related?

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So #2...why do they deserve it?....plz

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Because #2 is the teacher and thinks they deserve it for being bitched about on the internet @OP: That really sucks, I'm sorry. You should complain to the principal or dean about that.

Because he knew that with three letters he will be making people write "OMG, why does he deserve it? you're so mean! Don't say that!"