By Anonymous - 06/11/2010 04:36 - United States

Today, I discovered the piggy bank I made a Facebook account for has more friends than me. It has 12. FML
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..why the hell would you make a piggy bank a Facebook! someone definitely needs a life..


haven't you heard of a bank? no wonder America is in a the shit when people keep piggy banks, and better yet create facebook pages for them. this reminds me of...well nothing. ps aud > us hahaha

littleteapot 21

piggy banks are for coins. i don't know about you but I'm not going to drive to a bank to deposit some a few quarters.

#65 aud is the Aussie dollar which at the moment is greater than the us. read a ******* book once in awhile

You have to realize that while AUD is Australian Dollars, US is not a currency, USD is. Your fault, Familyguy.

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81 u dumbass, that was sarcasm

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this is why it's your fault: 1. you made a Facebook for your pig. 2. the first reason is probably why you have no friends.

how old r u OP cuz i think kids would make a facebook for their piggy bank

LittleMissSusie 0

I just like how if she made the page for the piggybank and is going to be sensitive on it being more popular, why did she approve the friends in the first place?

My dog made a Facebook account for our dog. The dog has 120 friends while my brother has 80

it's s sad day when piggy bank has more friends then an actual person....

its sad when a person doen't even have 12 friends

it's sad when a person makes a facebook for their piggy bank. did I misread this?

..why the hell would you make a piggy bank a Facebook! someone definitely needs a life..

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you should make a twitter account for it too..

and don't forget myspace...oh and don't forget a blog!

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people still use myspace these days?

lol true but one more stupid action can't hurt

Karnezar 2

the real question here..why the HELL would you make a piggy bank a Facebook page?! no wonder you don't have friends..

well your just a big ball of positivity

well she days she laighs 90% of the time, must be the bad 10% lol. having an off day? :(

Sun_Kissed18 25

no that is a valid point. But the op could try adding people herself or going out and being social instead to playing her piggy bank's facebook...

honestly.... ur a fag.... like y would u even think of doing that =/ .... retard

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your a ******* loser for making a piggy bank a face book no wonder you don't have friends ydi

Whoa whoa, Captain Judgmental, slow your roll.

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Why would you make a piggy bank a facebook?