By Anonymous - / Wednesday 2 September 2015 13:56 / India - Chennai
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  TheJawsman  |  18

Some of you aren't getting the Seinfeld reference, so let me get it into your brains.

During an old Seinfeld episode, Jerry had a hard time remembering a girl's name, but only remembered that it rhymed with a certain..."lady part". Mulva was his first choice, but it was wrong. After the girl stormed out, he yelled "Delores!" Now, I hope you get it.


Thankfully no, it was just a middle school thing and nothing serious. I called him Branden instead of Brayden. I did call him that for a week though. He was too shy to correct it, lol.

  maximus_prime  |  24

'Twas an attempt at humour, alas I failed. I shall stand in the corner and not post another comment tonight.

The reason he didn't correct you, young males are just thankful to have a female talking to them at that age, you could have called him anything you wanted and he would not have corrected you.

If he were not interested in you, he would have reminded you of his correct name.

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