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Today, my boyfriend came over with a broken engraved bracelet that I paid 50 dollars for. I was so angry but when I stated "I am going to call them and get a new one!" my boyfriend said back to me "No it's okay, I didn't really like it anyways." It was for our 2 year anniversary. FML
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maybe he just not into wearing bracelets?

mintcar 9

Some guys aren't into wearing bracelets and such. You should already know by now what he likes and doesn't like.


well, maybe he wanted to save money and not cause trouble? because that's something I would say without meaning anything bad.

Op, YDI for getting a guy jewelery, unless you know for a fact he likes that stuff.

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I'd be hurt, too, but since I'm in a different point of view right now, he was only being honest... I'm a hypocrite.

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$50 is like the cheapest bracelet ever! I don't blame ops bf for not liking it... :-/ it was mean if him to say that but honey, don't buy ur man cheap jewelry. get him a hat, a cool t shirt, or something if u only gonna spend $50. then again a 2 year anniversary....try n spend a lil more that $50. that's just me tho.

:( aw well mayb he thought a bracelet was stupid or sumthin? idk but tht sux :P (U liv in AZ lyk me :D

These days there's dudes gettin' facials, manicured, waxed and botoxed. With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands you can't grip a tackle box. Yeah, with all of these men linein' up to get neutered it's hip now to be feminized. I don't highlight my hair, I've still got a pair.Yeah, honey I'm still a guy.

#40 needs a reality check. #44 is awesome :)

#44, Brad Paisley is a sexy sexy man, so you win.

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But she totally deserves it for not considering her boyfriend if he would like the bracelet.

Or make something. Cause y'know, money isn't everything.

why can't you get him a nice video game??? that would be an anniversary he wouldn't forget

$50? For your two-year anniversary? What century do you live in?! Honestly, though, you should spend a few hundred at least before you can pretend like it's expensive.

#40 you're an idiot. if a guy ever falls in love with you and stays with you i feel bad for him because its not about how much something costs its the thought that counts. if my gf gave me something that costed 50 cents id still love it as long as she was genuinely giving it from the heart. even if it was their 2 anniversary a $50 gift is more than enough. I dont know how any of you feel...but 2yrs is nothing, you may want to think it is but its not. you and your bf/gf could break up the next day. start buying expensive shit after the 5 year anniversary.

should've gotten him a watch engraved, guys actually watches. Unless you couldn't spend to much money, most watches are expensive especially engraved ones.

#40 its the thought that counts. She could have got him nothing.

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I know honey the kids that r saying that r clearly too young to understand

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Maybe he was just trying to save money, or maybe it's a sign.

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wow is this tye alex i know whos in my german class

Melt it down, and make silver bullion. Problem solved.

maybe he just not into wearing bracelets?

Exactly! I got my bf a dog tag engraved and he loved it! How often do you even see guys wearing bracelets? xp

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I think that might depend on how many gay bars you frequent....

Have you seen the episode of friends where Joey buys Chandler a friendship bracelet? Very similar scenario. Point being: FEMININE JEWELRY attracts men to men;)

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YES. That's the first thing I thought of when I read this one.

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Sounds like maybe it's time to reassess your relationship....

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All you need to do is get on bed with him. No need for these useless bracelets or rings.

That is so true. Don't even bother with sexy lingere unless he's that kind of guy.

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I wouldn't buy him another nice gift, buy him tissues next time and tell him to cry about it.

boys usually dont like bracelets. and it was only 50 dollars. just dont buy him anything for your aniversarys and if he complains, tell him why.

Or next time she could put some thought into the gift? It doesn't take a lot of thought to realize that guys don't often like jewelry. She was probably just thinking of what she would like, or something stereotypically 'romantic'. My girlfriend got me a messenger bag from my favorite webseries for our 2 year anniversary and I couldn't have been happier.

I'm a girl and I'm not into jewelry either... my bf gave me a necklace he got from his grandmother on the first day we met irl (we 'met' online). It was really sweet and pretty symbolic, and cost nothing. I still wear it because of the awesome gesture. That's more important that how much it cost.

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Some guys aren't into wearing bracelets and such. You should already know by now what he likes and doesn't like.

Agree with 10, since you have been with him for 2years...

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I guess so : plus this wasn't even worth an FML.

Dammit, now I have to redo all my Christmas shopping. Anyone in the market for about a dozen dogtags? They all list typical shots (rabies, distemper-- well, except for Kay's and Anna's, of couse), followed by "If found, please spay and/or neuter, then return to the FML clubhouse". They're really quite nice.

Shit. That ^ was supposed to go under #11. Oh well.

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dog tags ate for the military... not relationships