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To micfrt:

I know if I was here, I would have not have had everyone stand up and throw their pieces of cake at him. And had an epic cake fight.

To OP: FYL :( Your [ex] boyfriend is a douchebag

  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

It's funny you specifically mention the word "attention," because I find the idea of friends standing at a microphone and giving a speech to their friend on such a minor occasion to be all kinds of pathetic, if not a little pretentious. The use of the word "speech" makes it sound like these were not just shout-outs for the sake of humor or having a good time.

I have the feeling OP is incredibly spoiled.

  Canuck  |  0

I agree.. chances are she basically tried to force him to say something OR ELSE *insert sexual favor* no more.. shame her boyfriend isn't like her daddy and doesn't just do/give her whatever she wants

  EffedUpVida  |  0

How the fuck is that spoiled?
It's HER sweet sixteen; it's HER day.
Obviously the people who said a few words are her friends -
and her friends should respect it's her birthday and do so

Either way - her BF is a dick.

  EffedUpVida  |  0

I love how you're all judging her on the fact she got thrown a sweet sixteen, just because her family is privileged enough to do something like that doesn't mean shes spoiled. A lot of you people are just hating - seriously

  jahono22  |  0

wtf - speeches are common as at 21sts and 18ths - why so much hating on 16ths? And hating on someone for being spoiled - JEALOUSY - thats what it is. and being jealous of someone for being wealthy or spoiled is fookin stupid, dont be a retard. I think the bf's a twat for doing it, no-one desrves that. maybe hitler and the like actually

  RoguePenguin  |  0

Who the FUCK doesn't have a 16th birthday party? Everyone I knew in high school had some sort of "Sweet Sixteen" and none of them were rich. I mean, shit... you could just have your friends gather at your house/apartment/the cardboard box you live in and call that a party. I can barely even stand to come to this website anymore because of the mean-spirited, idiotic garbage people say on here.

  Wimoweh  |  10

I do agree the speech thing seemed a little pretentious, but 16 isn't a "minor occasion." And also, wealthy and spoiled are not the same thing. Wealthy people can be respected. Those who are spoiled are just asshats.

  DncrHap  |  9

You two both start controversies on different FML's.
It's funny to see you two together getting mad at each other.

^ This is how I know I've been on FML too much...

  DncrHap  |  9

Am I?
Oh, no.
I just thought it was funny that I've seen you two very prominently on separate FML's, and now you're arguing with each other on the same one.