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Today, I had my sweet sixteen party. All my best friends came to the microphone to make a little speech. When my boyfriend came to do his, he broke up with me. FML
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you should have made a speech about what a small penis he has

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What an ass. Obviously, your boyfriend lacks attention.


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you should have had everyone kick his ass

Why do you feel as if the boyfriend needed his ass to be kicked? For all you know the op could be a stupid material girl that we all click YDI on some fmls.

Aw, that sucks and it must really hurt. Hope you feel better. There is a similar post on this site too.

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To micfrt: I know if I was here, I would have not have had everyone stand up and throw their pieces of cake at him. And had an epic cake fight. To OP: FYL :( Your [ex] boyfriend is a douchebag

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That's horrible. You should of dumped him first if he was the kind of guy to do that to you.

Epic fail! Or win, depends who you are:)

OP -the writer of the FML FTW -For The Win Easy said

/ / / / / / sorry. For peppermint111

These line of replies for the first comment was the most convoluted sequence I've ever read. IT DIDN'T MAKE SENSE! THAT MAKES ME SCARED!

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What an ass. Obviously, your boyfriend lacks attention.

It's funny you specifically mention the word "attention," because I find the idea of friends standing at a microphone and giving a speech to their friend on such a minor occasion to be all kinds of pathetic, if not a little pretentious. The use of the word "speech" makes it sound like these were not just shout-outs for the sake of humor or having a good time. I have the feeling OP is incredibly spoiled.

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I agree.. chances are she basically tried to force him to say something OR ELSE *insert sexual favor* no more.. shame her boyfriend isn't like her daddy and doesn't just do/give her whatever she wants

How the **** is that spoiled? It's HER sweet sixteen; it's HER day. Obviously the people who said a few words are her friends - and her friends should respect it's her birthday and do so gladly. Either way - her BF is a dick.

I love how you're all judging her on the fact she got thrown a sweet sixteen, just because her family is privileged enough to do something like that doesn't mean shes spoiled. A lot of you people are just hating - seriously

wtf - speeches are common as at 21sts and 18ths - why so much hating on 16ths? And hating on someone for being spoiled - JEALOUSY - thats what it is. and being jealous of someone for being wealthy or spoiled is fookin stupid, dont be a retard. I think the bf's a twat for doing it, no-one desrves that. maybe hitler and the like actually

It's not jealousy. Spoiled people are a pain up the ass, regardless if they are rich or not.

It could have been a surprise, or something. Maybe her friends set it up on their own to try and make OP happy.

Who the **** doesn't have a 16th birthday party? Everyone I knew in high school had some sort of "Sweet Sixteen" and none of them were rich. I mean, shit... you could just have your friends gather at your house/apartment/the cardboard box you live in and call that a party. I can barely even stand to come to this website anymore because of the mean-spirited, idiotic garbage people say on here.

Don't judge her because she has a sweet sixteen. Yous are ******* jealous. Her family is nice enough to give her a sweet sixteen party.

I do agree the speech thing seemed a little pretentious, but 16 isn't a "minor occasion." And also, wealthy and spoiled are not the same thing. Wealthy people can be respected. Those who are spoiled are just asshats.

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I'm sorry you were dating an ass.

F the boyfriend's life for getting beat up after the party for being an asshole.

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@fyl15 LMAO!!! OP: Be glad, if he was that kind of guy, you shouldn't of gotten any further with him.

That's even worse than being dumped by phone! Ouch!

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Well, that takes guts to do, so Rasputia likes him! :D

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123sploosh is a piece of shit.

You two both start controversies on different FML's. It's funny to see you two together getting mad at each other. Huh. ^ This is how I know I've been on FML too much...

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Is you arguing with Rasputia?

Am I? Oh, no. I just thought it was funny that I've seen you two very prominently on separate FML's, and now you're arguing with each other on the same one.

Is Rasputia speaking of herself in third person? CFR thinks so!

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I think Rasputia is talking in third person :D

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Wow... Way to ruin a night.