By smoothmove - 26/06/2011 04:29 - United States

Today, I sprained my knee while going down on one knee to propose to my girlfriend. She laughed as I rolled in pain. I still haven't gotten an answer. FML
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What you need, is a proposal pillow.


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I'm so sorry, i hope she says yes, then you'll laugh whenever u remember this proposal, and u'll tell your children!

iiirrrrrooooonnnnyyyy!! get use to it, marriage is nothing but pain. except the sex, the sex is good.

chlorinegreen 27

hmm that's weird. I didn't know you could do that! well I guess if you can dislocate your collar bone from just removing a bra you can do anything. tough luck. I wouldn't of laughed but I guess try try again.

I find that whenever there is an FML posted about a boy/girl being rude to one another someone always comments: "what a nice boy/girlfriend. Tres annoying.

wellllll, I find that when another someone decides to comment on the original comment, it is frankly a waste of your time and ours because its already been posted. its also quite annoying

awhhh... well isn't she a keeper!!!

Lose some weight bro and step up your game.

Good assuming. Cause you know it makes an ass out of me and boners ;)

just cause he sprained his leg doesn't mean he's fat.

I hope this doesn't "strain" his relationship

2, 'hideyoself' before you get raped for your ****** up comment.

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Sniper_Fidelis 1

you shouldnt wait for an answer if she laughed at you when youre in pain then why marry her

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sometimes it's hard to tell if people are joking about an iinjury.

takeapieandrun 9

Wait was she laughing at you getting hurt or the proposal.... well I guess it's pretty bad both ways.

well btiwn, since you have such a charming girlfriend / spouse in that picture, I'll tell you why not. How would you feel if you tried to propose to her, and you slipped and busted your tailbone. Then she just laughs. Feeling good yet? No, I didn't think so.

Sucks for you. What a bitch though dude.

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No answer is your answer...

Agreed. Laughter may have been her answer as well. Maybe it wasn't even the sprained ankle that made her laugh but, if it was, "sickness and health" is going to be a misery, Cut your losses.