By llozano715 - 13/09/2010 05:41 - France

Today, I got the car of my dreams. My daughter also learned how to write her name. Now I have "LAUREN" across the side of my car. FML
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Sell the daughter and get a new car

Anaxes 5

I'm confused as to how the only way to not be a bad parent is to sit in front of the child and stare at it like a ghoul until it's 8 years old.


FFML_314 11

YDI. Why was she out of your sight long enough to do that? Watch your child, woman!

takeapieandrun 9

Yeah, and set some rules with your children about important things.

beat your kids... everyone should beat their kids!

this is a classic case of bad parenting

lickmyjock 0

make em eat grilled cheese coated in pledge

And rip baby bunny rabbits heads off!

PimpdaddyCJT 13

time to woop some ass

catsareahmazing 0

Is she a virgin?

Anaxes 5

I'm confused as to how the only way to not be a bad parent is to sit in front of the child and stare at it like a ghoul until it's 8 years old.

green_eyes124 0

At least it's a good name. That's my name : ) but I still wouldn't want it across my brand new car so fyl

It's called taking your car to the car shop for a paint job.

She may not have the money to take it to get the paint fixed especially since she just got the car. OP that sucks that she wrote her name on your new car but like everyone else I have to question who was watching your daughter at the time and where they were while this happened before I can decided on FYL or YDI.

Paint over it but if she used keys your screwed

bad parenting? my god you can't watch your kids 24/7. People these days are waaay too quick to judge.

op, good thing your daughters name isn't like pen15 or anything

Ninjasaurus18 9

That's what I said. Today in fact, I got a new edition of Time magazine. The top story? Attached parenting. Lauren is probably about four or five and so usually you don't have to watch a five year old at all times.

The only way I can see this as an FML is if her name was keyed into your car... yeah, sorry. Your own fault if that's the case.

hd9280 0

yea. i agree... ur fault for having her!! lol.

A rock works just as well as a key to scratch paint. You can also use quarters, pennies, wire rings from gumball machines, the plastic ring left after finishing a ring pop, aluminum soda cans, edge of a spoon, a sharp sturdy stick, or really any number of things that can often just be found outside because so many people are littering bastards, or they are age appropriate and belong to the child, or because they occur in nature. Would you still consider it YDI if the child had used one of those many non-key objects that they had happened find outside or had possession of because it was a toy of theirs? I am honestly just wondering because you said if the girl had keyed the name into the car they would deserve it.

Graawr 7

You were too careless. :/ fyl+ydi

agreed :p

Beat the child senseless. She may know how to write... but she doesn't know how to call child protective services.

minecraf_cow 15

Are you kidding me? The child probably didn't know any better.

takeapieandrun 9

Written with what? I don't see a small child going out of their way to use something permanent.

FMyLifeCereal 0

battery acid

mandiepandie204 0

Wow. You give her markers and let her run free like that? Shame, Shame.

who said she used markers?

how old is your daughter and how did you piss her off that much to ruin your car? if she's able to understand how to write a name, she's also able to understand that you don't scratch your name in a car.

Sell the daughter and get a new car

my thought exactly !! ^^

u remind me of sloan from entourage Claire

Bubbelz 24

You should have watched her more carefully OP.

QwertyMcNugget 0

^ Teehee. Ouh OP. :]