By shorty - 11/04/2011 17:36 - United States

Today, I found out that if I were 2 inches shorter, I would have to sit in a booster seat in the car. I'm about to turn 22. FML
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There are worse things in life than being short. At least you aren't a whiny little bitch. Oh, wait...


OP is female. But she might not be cute, and either way a good many girls just don't like being short.

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"a good many girls"? **sigh**

I got out of my booster seat when I was 4'5" it's not 4'11.

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it's ok I bet you have a big personality

Studies show the most attractive height for a woman is in the range of 5′0" – 5′3", chill out OP! XD

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No, I once saw a commercial saying it was 4'9..."the magic height".

referring to the booster chair thing, didn't catch your number, but the one talking about magical Disney fairy numbers

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height has nothing to do with it after age 8. once you are 8 you aren't required to be in a booster seat

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138 & 139- I'd say between 5'3"-5'6" is attractive. 4'9" is awkwardly short.

I'm short too OP.... oh wait... height... *zips pants back up"

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my gf is like 5'2" . kinda cute except that I'm like 6'3" so sometimes it looks like I'm a pedophile. she'd older though v_v the moral of this unimportant-to-u story is that short girls are cute and fit in many places. :D

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@139 wtf definitely not 4'9 for most guys, most guys don't like a foot difference my 10 year old bro is 4'9, i don't want a girl as small as a 10 year old i prefer girls within 2 inches of my height, i'm 5'10

that's what I said. if it was 4"11' then I WOULD be in a seat!

do most men prefer short girls then? i'm 5'11 and still don't know it's a good thing :S

I want to jump on the wagon and state my height too!! :3 6 foot 1! :) yay! Too tall for a booster seat, just like most people here. Op this isn't bad, it's good, so smile.

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I kno what you mean 183. my GF is like 8 inches smaller than me and ppl call me a peeto too even tho shes 8 months older. she is however insanely cute XD

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177 hilarious and op I feel ur pain I'm short too!!

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shoot I'm 5'4 my bf 5'6 loll I'm just gonna feel bad for our kids, there're gonna be short lol

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actually 152 I am correct, age 8 is the cutoff in a majority of states, some it's even younger, but none go over 8 years old

239, 6'1 really isn't that tall. I am 6'1 and it's really just a couple of inches above average. I would do almost anything for another 3 inches.

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im short but atleast im taller than the ugly guys!!!!!(;

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wow! im 16 n ima bout 5'10" lol! but small people are cute :) i mean sometimes awkward.. but cute

In England if you're 12 or over then the height doesn't matter, I'm 4ft 11" and turning 17 in 3 weeks :)

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220- short chicks are hot, but I'm 6' 6" and would kill for a chick around 6 foot! ckyorelse, nice basement, does your mom let you stay there for free?

294-easy there killer. op is American, so most posts here apply to Americans. how was 271 supposed to know where you were from. perhaps some common sense should be used-it's not all about you. secondly, did op state anywhere that they were a little person. no, stop applying conditions to suit your arguments, like toonces the driving cat would need a booster seat, so I'm right and you're wrong. also, I'm sure some type of accommodation is required for the operation of a motor vehicle, but as a passenger, it's 8 years old or 80lbs that get you out of the car booster seats typically. safer to be in one, but not required. and if op really wants to know, they just need to contact their police dept. to find out. why do ignorant people bug me so much?

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I'm 14 and 6 foot 4! awww yeahhh

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4' 10... I hate being short!

I don't know if most men prefer short girls - however there definitely *are* men who prefer short girls. OP can't do anything about being short, so she might as well enjoy the fact that so many men think she's cute. Most women are too critical of their own bodies - like Asian girls wishing they were Irish-looking redheads or tall blonds wishing they were as skinny an lithe as Chinese girls. Women can be beautiful in so many different ways - enjoy your own style. Ok, I do realize this doesn't help the OP opening the top cupboards. :-)

Hey, look on the bright side. At least your not 2 inches shorter! :D

awe i'm 14 and 5'7, short girls get more attention and it's true :(

170.. that's not always true.. I'm short and don't get that much attention.. lol

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As a guy, I like girls anywhere from 5' to 5' 10", any taller is awkward height for a girl, even though I'm 6' 3", six foot tall women are awkward. and unde five feet is a tad short for my taste.

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I like my .22 as well. I miss it actually, it's being kept at my parents house. :(

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I like my .22 as well. I miss it actually, it's being kept at my parents house. :(

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that sucks... I guess wear high heels?

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Riiiight. High heels always make me look taller when I sit down. ;)

#5 I fail to see how wearing heels would help whilst sitting in a car. Moron.

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this FML makes no sense. you have to be over 4'9 or I think the age is 12. well, that's my state law idk about the OP

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Oh yeah, I forgot that OP is only short in the car but not outside of it.

If I were two inches shorter I'd be an Asian.

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i have a friend who actually does need a booster seat. she makes light of it... but so do i. :p

it's ok my friend actually needs 1 and she's 16

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Some girls stop growing at 16.

This reminds me of the time I went to get eye surgery. They refused me because I'm not 23 and according to them " my eyes haven't stop growing yet".

If by eye surgery you mean corrective lasik then that's about right. Your prescription tends to stabilize around your early 20's until your 40-50's when it declines again. If your eyesight is still in decline lasik would be pointless as it wouldn't help for long.

Well it's a good thing you're not then.

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that's exactly what I was thinking..stop bitching at least u don't need one

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Thanks, it was bugging me how noone was pointing this out. Quit your bitching op, there are some people who actually need booster seats.

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@198, I wasn't waiting for other people, I was going to post it anyways. I just meant that when I was reading the comments I was surprised noone had mentioned it.