By snowbunny - 12/02/2010 02:14 - United States

Today, I bundled up to shovel my car out of almost 2 feet of snow, only to find my car was gone. I ran into the nearby police station to report my stolen car. The policeman trudged down with me to get a report. I had parked my car on the other side of the street. FML
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shut up all east coasters ...ohhh we have 5 feet of snow how special,how unfortunate the world is ending... : , (

oh stfu, we're not used to all this ******* snow and some of us actually had to drive to work during the blizzard. Also, not all of us live in apartments, where a snow plow has to come and help clean up the snow... some of us had to clear put loooooong driveways at 5 in the morning to get to work at 7:30am. /rant Can you tell I'm still bitter? :D

I'll remember that for the next snowfall ;D

Starfire is right. You really do need to STFU. I moved to an east coast city from MI and I didn't see how it was such a big deal either. But the big problem is that there's nowhere to put the snow. Not to mention we got two huge storms in less than a week, something that most east coast cities aren't used to. Also, the snow keeps melting and refreezing, making a thick sheet of ice on just about every side road around here. So until your sorry ass has to live here, be quiet. It really is a big deal.

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Her fiancee will kick your ass dude xD And that's coming from the dog. I'm just sayin'

lmao! Good puppy, yea my fiancée gets a little territorial about me n my driveway ;D

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pendatic, you're a dead man. I knew yee well :( Starfire, I'm happy for you :) Did you guys agree on a wedding date?

suck it up sissy. when I lived in the east the snow didn't even reach our ankles and that was 2 years ago hmpp

hey mtr stfu u were nt here were you ? didmt think so so stfu.

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canadianbuddy: did your comment actually have a point? that was 2 years ago. this is now. you don't think the weather can change in two years?? really??

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ya know, I'm not going to rag on you for the snow, because I live in Colorado, and HATE the snow. However, did you NOT think to possibly look around the lot a little before calling the cops? Way to overreact.

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yeah so how small is your car? your car was buried under two feet of snow? I think this one might be made up...

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my bad I read it wrong, okay hahaha I'm a dumbass. but damn you probably felt retarded when the cops pulled up and you found it across the street

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Not so easy when nearly all the cars on the streets are just unidentifiable piles of snow, and it says he's Jersey - probably first time he's even tried to find his car since the snow hit. Two blizzards in a weeks time really messes with this region - we're not used to it, nor are we equipped to deal with it the way regions that get that amount of snow normally.

a "bunny" from new jersey leads me to think the op is a blonde. and of course, blonde females are a bit, well, slower than the rest of us. you can call me stereotypical, but just read the post and tell me I'm wrong (not in reality, of course).

you're obviously slower than the rest of us if you honestly believe that.

You're obviously slower than him if you can't tell it's a joke.

that deserves a hand clap.. *clap clap clap* 

Not just that, she deserves a slow clap. *clap*........*clap*........*clap*

cars... they never stay where you put them.