By Got_any_grapes1 - 11/04/2011 17:23 - United States

Today, the girl I was babysitting was being disrespectful to me, so I took away her stuffed animal and told her that she couldn't have it back until she apologized. She ended up sneaking onto my laptop and deleting all the pictures I'd saved from my recent vacation to Europe. FML
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You shouldn't have left your laptop and babysitee unattended. It's your responsibility to watch what she's doing.


shift_love 13

first!!! that sucks. I'd make her patents pay you triple your fee

You're the 1st one to be a ******* retard.

Because kids who need babysitters always have revolutionary ideas and the intelligance to patent them, also babysitters are totally always paid from there patents...

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Does anyone else hate the OP for getting the Duck Song stuck in their heads from their screen name? :( Hey! Bom Bom Bom.. Got any grapes? DAMN IT!!! 

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probably should have saved them on a USB

slap that bitch with some raw meat. then piss in a cup and tell her it's apple juice.

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hahaha 58, spoken like a true babysitter.....

What a lil bitch I woulda beat her ass and then tell her parents that their daughter is a demon child!!! Find a way to go to Europe again and don't babysit anymore and make sure when and IF you have kid that their not lil demon kids like this one

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Haha missbunny. I don't understand how your brain works, but I love it.

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MISSBUNNY!!!!!! I missed you!!! I was just about to delete you from my favs list cause I thought you got permanently banned. lol.

I hope you've created a restore point before that OP :(

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if she deleted them from the recycle bin just google undelete program. as long as she didn't do a DoD level delete lol then it's no problem

Got_any_grapes1 4

#77- She was 7.. and a nightmare. :/

how old is she ?? I think she probably did not take it out of the recycling bin in your pc but check just in case before it's to late

That kid is an evil genius! I can just see her in the workplace. steal my stapler hey, fine, see how this hydrochloric acid tastes in your coffee

totally about to say that. it's not like they're gone for good. hell, even if they were missing from the rb, a good tech could recover them.

missbunny, I guess that could be a start. after that you should grind her (insert pet/family member here) into chili, feed it to her and then tell her that it was her (insert pet/family member here)

or if you don't wanna face jail time or worse just buy some real chili and tell her it's her parents or tie her down to a chair and make her watch the "miracle of life" on loop for 8 hours :D

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Do a system restore. Voila, you have your pictures back

why the **** would you bring your laptop babysitting?? doesnt make sense...

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#149 could have been at op's house.

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hah slap that hoe .. id take the computer to the back of her head.

google, "recuve" it can restore erased files.

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she could of deleted the system32 folder :P

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that's what your memory is for, " you member that" ( George Lopez)

A usb what?its called usb memory stick. you cant assume evryone knows when you say usb. because thats the plug in.

PrincessesCrown 17

USB, Junk Drive, Flash Drive they are all the same. 206 stop pretending you know everything

You can get them back from the Recycle Bin. Unless she deleted it there, too? o-o

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you can still get them back even if erased from recycle bin..there r free programs out there that does it

ever heard of the recycling bin? >.>

ImaWiseGuy 5

go back to Europe and retake them bitches....

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Or burn a DVD of all your vacation pix as a backup.... I always do.

What a little bitch, punch her in her ****.

do you think you're cool because you know swear words? (word of advice: you're not)

I think he's fantastic because he used a swear word.

No I don't think I'm cool for using a swear word. That was the first thought I had after reading the FML so I posted it. **** off. 11 - Nice picture.

I ought to bitch slap you for double posting

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do u think he cares that you made a comment. (well it's not)

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dude, relax. we need less girls like you.

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plz tell me you put foot to ass?

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Tell her parents what she did and tell them a bunch of other bs so the little girl gets beaten

you should go to jail for future child abuse. then your fml would say "today, I got arrested for future assault. because I posted something on fml. Fml"

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never bring your lap top when your baby sitting, only cell an iPod, witch stay in your pockets at all times! are you mad?!

No, I don't think I'm cool because I know swear words. I posted that because it was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the FML. **** off.

No, I don't think I'm cool because I know swear words. I posted that because it was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the FML. **** off.

^this is what happened. Only solution is to punish the stuffed animal, not the child... punish it with FIRE Oh, and make the kid watch.

This is correct, but how do you know where she was? She could've had the kid dropped off at the house because maybe the parents didn't trust strangers in their house, which means that if they were at OP's house, all of OP's belongings (including laptop) would've been there.

Never threaten little kids like that there revenge is always terrible.

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fyl you should make her parents pay you triple your going rate for that. why do my comments get deleted. I was first lmao. I have picture evidence.

shift_love 13

picture evidence is now my profile pic lmao

shift_love 13

picture evidence is now my profile picture lol