Bridezilla strikes again

By Anonymous - 03/03/2022 00:01

Today, as a wedding photographer, I had to explain to the worst bridezilla I’ve ever worked for, that on the day of her wedding she had scared my assistant so much that she forgot to put a new memory card in the camera, so no photos of the wedding had actually been taken. I’m now missing a tooth. FML
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What kind of camera doesn’t tell you that there is no memory card?!?


Just one tooth? You got away easy! You got zero wedding photos? I'm surprised you're not writing this from the ICU or from The Great Beyond.

What kind of camera doesn’t tell you that there is no memory card?!?

Seems like you are blaming the client for your own mistakes. You are a professional. Act like one.

Allsmash123 10

Assault is still assault moron

OP is blaming the bride for stuff that happened long before the assault that they definitely should have caught themselves. There's not much excuse for taking pictures the entire wedding with a camera that didn't have a memory card in it. That's something a proffessional photographer should have noticed. That in no way excuses the assault but the assault doesn't retroactively excuse OP's screw-up either.

the assault was the effect, him screwing up his job is the cause....can't blame the former for the ladder.

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You’re lucky it was only one tooth.

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Not that her actions are condoned. But don’t ever blame the client for such a royal screw up that is completely YOUR fault. Be more professional than that. Do your job properly next time, you literally had one job. That’s someone’s special and important day. Those memories cannot be recreated, and now, will have no professional photos to look back onto.

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the right thing yo do was to walk away from the job from rude behavior of the client. would you still do the job while being scared?

This is purely your assistant’s mistake hence your company’s mistake. You should own up to it rather than push the blame on “bridezilla.” That being said, bridezilla shouldn’t have hit you but tried getting legal recourse but now you can do that instead.

Yeah the Bridezilla shouldn't have spooked your assistant, but you nor your assistant checked to see if the camera had a memory card in it beforehand? Most cameras would tell automatically that one has to be inserted...

I'm on your side on this one. if the bride wasn't such a scary b****h, the assistant wouldn't have been so shaken that she messed up an essential part of her job. the good news is that you can sue the bride for assault.

Jon Tessler 14

so you blame the bride for YOUR FAILURE to do your JOB. you are the one who checks the equipment, NOT the assistant. you also BLAME your assistant for being SPOOKED. didn't you use more than one camera, so you could get different types of pictures(like most photographers do). so every camera didn't have a memory card in them. time for you to find a different line of work.

Dirtysalamander1 13

sounds like you're the bridezilla. lol