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Today, I got pulled over, not because I was speeding but because apparently, I looked like a kid driving. The officer said I was too short to drive and needed a booster seat. FML
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Apparently, "you must be this tall to ride" doesn't only apply to amusement park rides.


I think the correct response is 'how short are you?'

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Why do you like to call it that? *Turns on spotlight in dimly lit room

Apparently, "you must be this tall to ride" doesn't only apply to amusement park rides.

My mom had this problem, looks young and is short. I'm also afflicted, although not as much, put a pillow on your seat, it seriously makes driving so much easier

Pillows eventually deflate a booster seat won't, you can get adult sized boosters

Adult sized booster seats? You do realize how demeaning that is, right?

Demeaning to who? The short person who can now see over the dashboard? I'm short. I have to pick my cars based on seat/pedal/steering wheel placement because even adjustable vehicles don't always adjust enough. I've never needed a booster but I've certainly thought about it when a car I liked just didn't work out.

Well, if OP didn't have any trouble seeing over the dashboard before, despite their height, then I can understand how the officer's statement could be demeaning.

I'm short, and look younger than I am 20, but this hasn't happened..... yet.

I understand how you feel op, I'm 4'11 and people tend to be suprised on how I manage to drive with such a short height.

Yes, but have you ever tried a pillow on the bottom of the seat to see what they're talking about?

I've been asked by people in car parks if I'm old enough to drive, I have a babyface and I'm 4'11. Take it as a compliment ;)

F the police! Another innocent person arrested for Driving While Short #shortlivesmatter #shortasinstaturenotduration

At what point did your stupidity read "arrested"? So "**** the police" for doing his job making sure a kid wasn't driving a vehicle? How about **** idiots like yourself.

"Arrest" means "to stop". Also, idiots like you don't under satire.

Yes, a possible definition for arrest is to stop. However, once it has been conjugated to arrested, it only means to stop when it specifically refers to one's or something's motion.

People dont understand jokes apparently. Learn a sense of humor m8.

it's just temporary until u grow some more... u r still growing right??

the time people spend trolling sarcasm is amazing to me... I'm outta school and paid. worry about your life kid

That's illegal. They can't pull you over unless the see you committing a crime, otherwise that's profiling. It would be the same as pulling you over for being black, and it's a violation of your 4th amendment rights.

It's not illegal to be pulled over for being unable to see over the steering wheel. He could've also just saved OP's life. sitting too low and/or close to the steering wheel can lead to, at the very least, a broken nose and facial bones, or, at the very worst, death in the event of an accident and air bag deployment. Also, if OP can't see over the wheel she can't properly see what's front of and around her. Additionally, if OP is barely able to reach the pedals she may not be able to apply enough force to the brake pedal in an emergency. There are several companies that make devices for cars that allow both disabled and short individuals to be able to safety drive. At the very least OP should get a booster seat and some pedal extensions/blocks. They're cheap and will help her to be a safer driver.

He thought OP was driving underage. In other words, illegally. That's a perfect legitimate reason to be pulled over. That's not "profiling". The LEO is in the right here.

Not true in the state of Maine they can pull you over for suspension of anything(most the time operating under influence) they just can't arrest you entail they have evidence