By fuck you btichass cuntshit - United States - Shelburne
Today, I accidentally dropped and shattered my small bathroom mirror. My sister came to see what was going on, took one look at the shattered mirror, and said, "About time you put it out if its misery." FML
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  rootl  |  7

It could just be a case of op needing to learn how to take a joke. I have siblings and we joke around like this 24/7. We know there are no hard feelings. Op's sister could be joking. But I could always be wrong.

By  Steffi3  |  40

At least she cared enough to come and check on you after hearing the noise

By  bluefairy_fml  |  24

OP, I was going to say FML, but then I saw your nickname, so YDI. Siblings always tease each other, get over it. It's not the end of the world, and it's certainly not a reason to throw such aggressive swear words at your sister.

By  lovelockdown23  |  23

Sisters are awesome. Lol life would suck without my sister aha. the same sister that bleached every last garment that I owned and I had to walk around high school like that for a whole semester. Smh it was sad at the time but looking back it's pretty funny.