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  ohgeejosee  |  19

Why is she even with you then? Sorry OP, its never alright to feel rejected in a relationship. If she doesn't even want to hang out with you, you should go ahead and dump her :(

  Freethaawave  |  19

In this economy, sometimes you have to choose an extra shift over a night off because that could be the difference between having enough money to pay your bills or not. It doesn't necessarily mean that OP secretly doesn't want to be with her boyfriend.


Well, I was thinking that maybe OP is actually misunderstanding. It's probably not that she doesn't WANT to hang out with him, but she NEEDS the money she gets from working extra shifts. I know this summer at my movie theater job I'm going to be working close to 5 days a week most every week. She's probably just saving and investing her money, and if that's all it is, OP would do well to stay with someone who can actually manage their finances properly.