By CreeptacularBait
Today, my husband and I left for a two-month trip. Our roommate called us after 16 hours of driving to inform us that our dog was attacked and sprayed by a skunk and had rubbed all over our stuff. He now has to get shots and be tested for rabies, and we have to toss all our furniture. FML
CreeptacularBait tells us more :
OP here. A bit appalled at how many people are berating me about his shots! My dog DOES have his rabies shots. He had to have boosters as per the Animal Control Officer who came out. Second, the 'testing' is actually officers coming out and checking my dogs behavior after a week (I was not informed of that till later and was terrified they might kill my dog). The skunk attacked him, chased him around the yard, sprayed him, and continued to try and attack him and our roommate for a week after the intial incident. Our roommate would go to take out the trash or walk the dogs and the skunk would charge her and the dogs. We put out traps to try and catch it humanely and had no luck. This skunk terrorized my poor dog to the point he started having night terrors and actually pissed himself in his sleepyelping and crying in fear. Luckily he is doing fine otherwise and even though he did not enjoy his boosters, he was fully covered by his Rabies vaccine. Our roommate has made sure to give him lots of cuddles and love to help soothe him. My husband was so angry about it he violently kicked in his sleep and said he dreamed about the skunk attacking our dog and was trying to protect him. Being away when this happened has sucked and our roommate was also kind enough to get our furniture cleaned so we wouldn't have to throw it all away but we did have to get rid of it in the end. I hope that clears up some of it but try not to jump to conclusions!
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By  mt21mt  |  15

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By  MandySkittles  |  18

Skunks do not transmit rabies through their musk. On top of that, the only way to test for rabies is to take a sample of brain tissue. If you're talking about your dog YDI, your dog should have its shots and I believe it's illegal for it not to. If you're talking about your roommate, again, skunks don't transmit rabies through musk so unless he was bitten it's doubtful he'd contract it.

  bluejello2001  |  17

Yeah, rabies shots are pretty much mandatory most places.
Which was a pain in the ass for me, my dog was allergic to the rabies vaccine. Most groomers & kennels have pretty strict policies about rabies shots.

By  Papercrane  |  5

You don't have to throw out anything, it'll be fine! I found vinegar + baking soda worked well to remove the smell from clothing, but obviously look into whether or not that's going to stain/bleach furniture first. (But it never damaged my clothes)

Sunlight actually works amazingly well too. If there's any furniture that can be put on the porch or somewhere in direct sunlight it actually does a good job of breaking down the stink molecules.

By  sherbear86  |  21

First off, why didn't your dog have its shots in the first place!!!! Second it's rare for a skunk to carry rabies. Also in most places it's illegal to relocate wildlife as they usually starve to death not knowing where to find food. Lastly it won't solve the problem of having skunks another one will simply move in in its place, you need to remove the food source.

By  sweetbliss3  |  37

why does your dog not have his shots? my dog got sprayed 4times last year. my house smelled but after a few days the smell was gone from my furniture and my dog. not sure why you would get rid of anything.