By penguins - 13/11/2010 00:30 - United States

Today, I found out that in the three years I've been dating my boyfriend, his parents have secretly been going through all of his emails, including the ones I've sent him with "sexy" pictures attached. I can't look his parents in the eye without being reminded that they've both seen me naked. FML
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YDI there are so many reasons why you shouldn't do that shit anymore.

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I bet the dad enjoyed going through the emails


ive always wanted to be first

Your name describes you perfectly.

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PooPooHeadInc - congratz. OP, He's not a keeper if his parents have to keep on checking his emails for viruses :P

pics or it didn't happen

YDI there are so many reasons why you shouldn't do that shit anymore.

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I third

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I fourth.

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Agreed, but still, the parents have no right

Also, if you're under 18, sue them for child ****.

I fail to see how she deserved it. What's the problem with sharing those sort of photos with her boyfriend?

the parents do have a right. if the sons a minor, then they can allow basically no privacy.

Well if she breaks up with him, he might forward them to everyone she knows, or one of those "I hate my ex" websites.

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parents: 1 you: -3

OP deserves it.

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love your profile pic lol

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I bet the dad enjoyed going through the emails

bow chika bow wow!

Ooooh that's creepy ?

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If you don't want it seen, don't put it out there. sucks to be you.

kinda like that70's show

your fault for sending, but their fault for snooping.

no its her complete fault. she shoulda just stripped for him, why pictures?

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wat a bunch of snoops lol tell them to fukk off;)

win 13 epic win xD can i have your number so you can send me sexy pix? ;) lol jk hehe

what good is HER number if she's to send YOU something? if you're going to hit on someone, at least make sense.

OP if you tell them to **** off and put a smilie at the end like 13 they probably won't even be offended! haha

lol wow that should teach a lesson never cyber sex

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That isn't cyber sex...

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ur hot

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YDI, sorry.! I feel bad for you but you know...

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From your description you seem like the kind of girl I like to talk to

lol@hitting on girls on fml pathetic

86- and instantly everyone hates you

That sucks so bad :( for all you know his dad could have posted it on a sick **** site :(