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  Geovanny Luna  |  8

just because the father was an asshole, doesn't mean that she can't love her child. just make sure you get full custody of the kid legally. and if he ever tries fighting for partial custody don't give it to him. I'm not saying you should keep the child away from him forever or not allow him to visit, just make it so that he can't take her from you leagally. my wife is fighting a child custody despute for her 8 year old daughter. the father was never around and never did anything for her. now that she left town and moved in with me, he is claiming that he misses his daughter he never visited and never cared about because his parent are dissapointed they can't. spoil their granddaughter. the whole family is full of narcissist and they are ruining my step daughter life by convincing her she is better than anyone and not making her take responsibility for her actions. if you keep the child make sure you have him sign over all custody so he can never come back and ruin your future.