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By Wtf - 29/04/2011 16:09 - Canada

Today, my doctor told me my asthma was being triggered by my dad's smoking. He wrote a note to my dad, asking him to refrain from smoking while around me. My dad took one look at the note, then threw it in the trash, saying the doctor "doesn't know what he's talking about." FML
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what I'm asking myself is, why did it take a trip to the doctors to figure that out, I find that obvious

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maybe he just wanted a doctor to back up his theory. but apparently his insensitive dad doesnt give a damn about anyone's opinion.

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it seems your dad knows best

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I know the exact feeling my dad smokes around me and doesn't care that I have asthma because of it, it sucks :(

I believe this person missed a word and tht word is 'your dad is a ****** asshole'

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this happened to me i just contantly opened every window or door as wide as possible tht to vent out the smoke but also to piss him off. he got so pissed he eventually gave in

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thanks 74 I lost a few pounds

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Well its time to take action into your own hands OP. Get rid of the cigarettes. I doubt smokers willingly cough up $7-8 for a box of cigarettes everyday. Or however much it costs.

OP probably didn't go to the doctor just for the asthma...

what is wrong with ur dad? he is a mean person and a HEAVY smoker :( I'm srry

92 I meant tht he missed the word ****** I just corrected the sentence... -.-

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97- some people pay close to it and they still cough up the dough

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97- some people pay close to it and they still cough up the dough

Willingly is what he said. Meaning they are slaves to their addiction. These big Tobacco companies are making Billions because so many people are addicted. That, my friend, is the biggest scam in the world.

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and it's sad when teens do it to 'rebel' against their parents. they're basically just saying they're gonna pay 5$ per day for the rest of their lives to a fat whit man in a suit running the tobaco company.

Exactly, and the earlier you get hooked the less likely you are to ever be able stop. That's why the fat white guy in the suit wants teens to do it so bad.

wow my bf doesnt even do that to our son smash his valuable! or dip the filter parts in ur pee and let his taste the rainbows!

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haha some dicks are hard and others are soft !!

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many smokers are extremely ignorant... unfortunately

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They refuse to look at the negatives because they don't want to stop. Morons.

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Punch him in the dick and say stop being a bitch and quit

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As if he can't go to the store and buy more.

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pee on the filters of them... problem solved

and what does op do when his dad wrecks the house looking for his tabs. just move away when he smokes...

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@64 Cigarettes are expensive as hell. Who wants to continuously buy cigarettes. The price alone should make people want to refuse smoking.

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@96 smoke does travel you know.

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that just sucks! what a dick

that sucks. maybe your mom will talk him out of smoking.

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agree with 1. my dad decided one day to just quit and he did

You should try to convince your dad to go outside to smoke. That's what I made my grandpa do because I also have asthma.

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I say get some fresh air and you go outside when he smokes. It is his house after all.

no that shouldn't smoke in the first place,dosent matter whose house it is

An getting kicked in the crotch cured my erectile disfunction.

Yeah..No. My bf and some of his family members have asthma and no it not genetic. The ones that have asthma in his family are smokers(besides my bf. He has had asthma since he was a baby, thanks to his mom and Aunt.

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tell your dad to get a grip and relax with some creamy beige baileys as his new habit

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The Mighty Boosh. Gotta love Noel Fielding and his retarded mind.